10 Ideas for Using Technology to Teach Writing

By Ernest Hamilton , Aug 30, 2019 02:11 PM EDT

We should admit and confess that without technological devices, we'd suffer much more. Almost all tasks we fulfill run smoothly and quickly because we use some devices or applications. Thus, technology can help students to teach and improve writing skills. It's really possible and we'd like to share a few insights concerning this matter. There are 10 great ways one may use technology to teach writing.

Checking Programs

It's really hard to track the mistakes of all students. Many teachers say that it's even impossible. Students also cannot keep in mind all mistakes. At times, they don't even know that they make some sort of a mistake. To overcome this issue, one should use special checking programs.

Those applications check:

  • Grammar;

  • Spelling;

  • Punctuation;

  • Stylistics;

  • Overuse of adverbs and adjectives;

  • Misuse of passive construction, etc.

These are vital errors. Thus, students become aware that there is something wrong with their writing. These programs provide feedback on typical mistakes so that students could memorize them and avoid in the future.

Educational Tutorials and Guides

Every student can effectively and quickly fill in the gaps in grammar and stylistics. Though students are properly taught during their classes, it may not be enough. Some of them require additional explanations, but teachers and professors don't have enough time. Therefore, students should educate themselves. One of the best ways is to read different guides and tutorials.

There are numerous writing guides offered by such websites as Those materials are written by expert writers and editors. Their qualifications and skills shouldn't be doubted. Moreover, they compose various tutorials and guides for free. You can submit several really helpful websites. They update their content every day or at least every day. Thus, you can find chargeless help and solve your writing issues.

Tracking Reports

Tracking of progress is another technology-education method that should be used by educators. Teachers and professors can implement special tracking programs that monitor the progress of every student. The programs process different demands and analyze how good a student is. Thus, educators may spot when someone falls behind the rest. It saves heaps of time and strength of teachers and professors. Once they identify some weak sides of their students, they can adjust a program to overcome those difficulties.

A Multimedia Experience

One should not bypass the advantages offered by multimedia. There are thousands of multimedia tools used in the classroom. Besides, they are offered for free. Educators should make use out of them because projects that involve video, images, and audio engage more students. Young people are interested in using smart apps to complete their assignments because they differ from standard tasks.

It may be boring to simply write text after text. What if you can turn a story of your essay into an animated film or a PowerPoint presentation? Undoubtedly, such an approach is more captivating and makes any presentation more vivid. Many educators report massive attraction and engagement of their students in such projects. Students reveal some hidden talents and improve their creative and critical thinking.

Access to Various Websites

Undoubtedly, students receive multiple advantages when they use the Internet. It provides access to whatever website one may need. Thus, students can find the information necessary to support their theories. Those who have troubles with essay writing will find detailed guides on how to tackle all kinds of academic papers.

As students have access to merely every website, they should think of the option of academic writing websites. Thus, the online resource offers the help of professional and skilled experts. They possess the necessary skills and knowledge to cope with any piece of academic writing. There is a guarantee of top quality, on-time deliveries, and full confidentiality. The price policy is usually fair because it set a relatively cheap cost for every pro essay writing service provided online.

Maintenance of Collaboration

Every educational institution encourages students to work together. Teamwork is one of the most effective methods of learning. A group of several people accomplishes tasks faster, better, and so, enhances productivity. The integration of technology in education empowers this method too.

There are multiple online-based tools, which provide active collaboration. Students should download a concrete application, create their group and tackle assignments as a team. Many students reap more benefits and overcome many obstacles due to the help of their mates.

Blogging Benefits

Blog writing is another effective method that improves writing skills. Every student may create his/her own blog, which will be accessed only by a teacher. Thus, the teacher will monitor his/her class and define some problems with writing to provide necessary corrections.

Writing on a Tablet

To make the learning process more interesting, students should be allowed to write on tablets. Their use isn't surprising and is quite effective. It's much faster and more interesting to use tablets to write essays.

Social Media Use

As students spend plenty of time on social media, they can use it for academics. They may create special communities, which discuss various writing issues. Afterward, the collective should find the most effective solutions.

Passing Online Courses

It's possible to pass various online courses. Various universities offer their programs to enhance the writing skills of students. Besides, students may participate in different webinars, workshops, etc.

As you can see, technology has multiple benefits. Don't deny them and use smart apps to improve your writing.

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