35. Your Guide To Video Marketing That Will Help You SkyRocket Your Business

As a business, your aim is to get maximum people to notice the product that you offer and provide them with superior quality of service when they come to you. In recent years, one of the easiest ways of getting people to notice your brand is through video marketing.

The fact that people enjoy watching a fun video instead of reading through long monotonous pieces of text is a major contributor to this. Internet penetration and access to higher bandwidth are other factors that are at play. In this situation, directing your efforts towards video marketing will help you take your business to newer heights of glory. Here are some tips that will help you on the journey.

35. Your Guide To Video Marketing That Will Help You SkyRocket Your Business

Consider the higher Return on Investment

Writing a marketing post or blog is much easier (and cheaper) than creating a marketing video. However, before you discard video marketing as something too expensive, you must compute the return on investment.

As watching a video is much more interesting than reading, people are more likely to watch your marketing video. 

A marketing video will create awareness about the brand and increase your website traffic, leads, conversations, and provide a major boost to your sales. In an independent study, it was found that for 81% of businesses switching to video marketing, a significant increase in the sales volumes was observed.

Make Your Brand Memorable

In the age of YouTube, there is the development of a new class of celebrities called YouTubers. They are not any movie stars or singers, but they have a huge fan following on the platform.

As an average person, if you happen to run into them, you get super excited and start clicking selfies. The excitement that engulfs the presence of such Youtubers may be attributed to their memorable screen presence.

With appropriate video content, brands can aim to establish a similar influence, and people will recognize the logo or product. It is a well-known fact that people prefer picking up a familiar product from the shelves when they go shopping.

Spread the Reach

While your idea is to make your brand a household name, to achieve the same, you can choose to join hands with social media influencers. Start off by identifying an industry expert or social media influencer from your relevant industry and see if their thoughts are in alignment with your brand.

If so, engage with them in creating engaging content that connects with the target audience. Such partnerships give you access to the millions of followers of the influencer. Many such followers take the influencer's recommendations very seriously, and an endorsement by such a person will earn your business several potential customers.

Share your Creation Story

One of the best ways of getting people to believe in your product or service is by having them relate with you. Make a video where you talk about your creation story elaborating on how you felt that there was a problem that needed to be solved, how you arrived at the solution, and your growth story. Although this is not a direct ad or sales pitch, such a video will help you establish an emotional connection with your potential customers.

Knowing your journey (including glimpses of the struggles that you had to endure to be where you are today) will help them understand your business motives and goals. This will make them keen on making a purchase. You may want to use the Instagram video editor to come up with a creative video for Instagram marketing that has the right balance of emotional and rational elements.

Make Your Videos Interactive

People tend to listen much better when there is two-way communication. Brands can channelize on this human tendency and indulge in live interactive videos. Try to create a hype about the live session and let people know about the timing beforehand.

During the session, be receptive to audience comments and indulge in meaningful real-time interaction. Try to ask questions and register their response. Encourage them to ask you questions and answer all that you know. 

If there is any question that you do not know the answer to, make a note of it and get that clarified by your colleagues. Make sure that you reach back to the person asking the question with the solution. This will establish a brand trust among your target audience and go a long way in supporting your marketing.

Cater to Mobile Phone Users

For any small or large business, mobile phone penetration has opened the windows to directly reach out to the target audience. Understand that the relatively small screen makes it inconvenient for mobile users to read every line of text that you post on your website. They would rather watch a video to learn about a product, and you must ensure that your business is able to provide that.

Leverage this with a free video editing software and shoot your videos shot in portrait mode. Such videos are more comfortable when viewed on a handheld device (either mobile phone or tablet) and are more likely to be shared in social media.

Share Details of How your Product Works

The human mind is a creative one and likes watching explainer videos. While you do not have to go about leaking your trade secret, a sure-shot way of grabbing the attention of the public would be by showing what your products do and how they work. 

If yours is a service-based firm,  try to show the real-life utility of your service to gain the attention of potential clients. Video testimonials from satisfied customers, behind-the-scenes work, etc. are videos you can shoot irrespective of the nature of your business.

Digitalization has led to major changes in the world of marketing. Most marketing campaigns of today have a digital connection. As per predictions, by the next year, over 82% of web traffic will be video.

Businesses that fail to adapt to this change will be left behind in the rat race of success. Armed with the tips discussed in this article, you are now equipped to make the most of video marketing and steer your business on the road of success.

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