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If you are looking for how to make money online through legitimate ways, you are in the right place. You might have come across hundreds of such articles, but most of them are just sales pitches who convince you to sign up for different seminars or training sessions. But believe me, most of them are just scams.

In 2020, we all have become the victims of COVID-19 in some way or the other. But who is the biggest victim here? YOUR WALLET! Almost every industry is facing salary cuts, businesses are suffering, and job losses are real. So in one way or the other, this has increased the scope of online business to a certain extent. Here, instead of focusing on problems, we will help you provide different ways of making online money. But here comes the question that real ways to make money are not a "get rich quick" plan.

A lot of effort and dedication is required for most of the gigs. But what we believe is, if you are persistent enough, you can turn your idea into a business. YES, YOU CAN DO IT! You may get the rightful pay that you deserve, whether you're a fresher, intermediate, or professional. 

Below are 70 legitimate and unique tips that may come in handy to make online money for yourself:

1. Participate in Online Surveys: Engaging in market research and online surveys won't get you bulky money, but you may earn a few dollars.

2. Trade in old gadgets or new technology: Earlier, we used to have a habit of clinging to my used cell phones even after getting a unique model. But later, we realized you could earn a reasonable amount in exchange for it.

3. Completing micro jobs: You can earn a few dollars by merely watching videos, playing games, downloading apps, and so on.

4. Get cashback when you shop and save substances on almost everything, from books to groceries.

5. Startup with your Blog: Bloggers may earn a vast sum of money by advertising for different companies.

6. Become a Proofreader: A proofreader's job is to act as an extra set of eyes after the editor and author's role is completed.

7. Work as Virtual Assistant: A virtual assistant is an all-inclusive crown given to someone who provides a wide range of online services.

8. Learn to manage ads on Facebook and start booking clients. It can help you earn $1000-$2000 for each client.

9. Hosting digital course: Making videos of different subjects you specialize in can help you earn a hefty amount of money. May it be of cooking, art, marketing, and so on. InVideo is an excellent tool for generating quality videos.

10. Teaching English Grammar: There are various platforms through which you can teach and earn. Higher is the level of your experience; the greater will be your income.

11. Sell your old clothes and accessories through apps like eBay or Poshmark.

12. Become a website tester: All you have to do is give your opinions on a website's design and user experience.

13. Writing Articles and Website content: Writing is one of the most approachable methods to make online money. Know the scope of content marketing only by clicking here.

14. Do freelancing gigs: We have earned thousands in extra earnings for the past two years as a freelancing graphic designer and web developer.

15. Create your Youtube content: You may earn a fair amount if you generate consistent and engaging videos. Invideo is excellent software, for that matter. It is free to create an account, but minimum requirements must be fulfilled

16. Work as a Mystery Shopper: All you have to do is go to different stores, ask you to ask specific questions, and complete the survey.

17. You may buy and sell domain names.

18. Work as Matchmaker and line up their dates

19. Begin your dropshipping business.

20. Create an application: You can use platforms like Appy Pie or Build Fire for this with no coding skills.

21. You may sell your photos to websites like Shutterstock or Adobe Stock.

22. You can offer virtual interior design consults.

23. Self-publish an eBook: If you have a personal blog or website, you can use it to generate a book for yourself and sell it.

24. Becoming a voice-over artist and providing it for professional audio purposes can be a great deal.

26. Sell your homegrown produce.

27. Work as a call center agent.

28. Work as a data entry specialist, which includes inputting hard copy information into a spreadsheet or scanning documents.

29. Transcription Jobs: You'll have to listen to various audio files and convert them into written format.

30. Design and sell T-shirts with your creativity on sites like Teespring, Bonfire, or Printify.

31. Make money as a virtual consultant.

32. Coach in your area of expertise and start your new online business.

33. Start an eCommerce site and sell physical products in which you are dealing.

34. Find clients on different freelancing sites and sell your services.

35. You can create online courses to productize your expertise and information.

36. You can start with the recording of podcasts and share inspirational stories.

37. Join a remote company that may be part-time or full-time

38. Give your ideas and share your opinions in online focus groups.

39. You can sell your Art and Craftwork on Etsy.

40. You can become a Social media influencer where major brands may collaborate with you.

41. You may rent your home or automobiles on AirBnB.

42. Answer Professional Questions on JustAnswer and get paid for it.

43. Help people with their tax preparation.

44. If you love to travel, an online travel consultant can be a good option.

45. You can enter online contests for company names and slogans.

46. Get paid to be healthy for doing things like walking and taking health surveys through platforms like AchieveMint.

47. Write reviews and comments on the places you have been.

48. Help new teachers by selling your teaching plans online.

49. Maintain Artist fan pages.

50. Sell your Old books.

51. You can become an online news writer or columnist.

52. Work as a data analyst for Firms.

53. Become an online personal trainer or fitness coach.

54. You can make online money as a musician by selling your songs.

55. With the help of Invideo software, you can create fantastic DIY and cooking videos.

56. You can edit videos online.

57. Build your website and find an audience for your passion.

58. You can earn extra revenue working as a contract customer support superstar for various organizations.

59. Become an Online Notary

60. Utilize your talents by running corporate workshops and seminars online.

61. You can lend your voice to voice-overs

62. You can lend your camera gear and make easy money.

63. Help small local businesses bring their old clients back.

64. You can subcontract your extra work and begin an online agency.

65. Look after other people's pets and train them.

66. Clean up the search engine

67. You can upload videos on platforms Skillshare or Udemy on skills in which you are right.

68. Sell products on Shopify store

69. you can work as a graphic designer for local companies.

70. Narrate audiobooks and get paid.

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