C3S APPis Revolutionizing Health Care and Social Care Through AI Analytics

C3S APP is Revolutionizing Health Care and Social Care Through AI Analytics
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Start talking about data mining at your next cocktail party, and you're likely to be met with a stifled yawn or desperate glances for the nearest exit. Since most people find data management tedious, it often gets the snooze-button treatment in organizations - particularly for health care and social care providers.   

However, strategically using data can mean the difference between success and failure. Technology makes it easy to track valuable information about each of your clients. If you're not using it, you're falling behind.

In most small to mid-sized health and social care providers, their databases are a patchwork of Excel spreadsheets living on a cloud platform such as Google Drive. They may have a legacy system from a bygone era, or they may share a solution from a parent organization that isn't quite right but working for now. They might use some newer apps specializing in things like SMS group texting, but they don't communicate with the other databases.   

Now more than ever, social and health workers need a holistic solution for their data management. That's why we created the C3S App, a 3d pictures painted on paper that helps organizations meet their outreach, resource needs,  and service goals with better data collection and tracking. It doesn't do the hard work of lifting people out of poverty; it makes the hard work easier by automating the process.  

The best part is that migrating all of your information to C3S App takes less than an hour. In doing so, you're improving four key pain points within your organization:

  1. Improving care coordination workflow
    C3S is only a health care management system unique because people can manage their own data, entering and sharing it with the organization from which they need help. There's an option for employee-entered data, but duplicate data entry is eliminated (transferring from paper into digital) to save time and increase accuracy. Your organization takes detailed notes of each client interaction, and every action is tracked for transparency and accountability.  

  2. Efficiency in coordinating care
    The average caseworker has anywhere from 500 to 1,000 clients. They can't possibly get to know each of them personally. Thanks to a customizable intake questionnaire and AI analytics, C3S provides a snapshot of a person's full history, including a future health risk, resiliency, self-sufficiency, and ACE score (adverse childhood experiences). This allows help to be proactive. You can offer or refer clients to services they may not even realize they need.

  3. Enhance  services
    When making strategic decisions of which services to expand or cut, you no longer have to guess or attempt mind-reading. C3S data analytics allows you to instantly see which services are in the highest demand so you can plan accordingly for fundraising and staffing. You can also share that data with partners to make better decisions as a community.

  4. Address social, and health care needs with on-demand analytics
    With C3S, advance analytics is no longer means spending hours combing through your database for statistics. An intuitive reporting feature allows you to pull data by the counties served, most popular services, ages, and other demographic information. C3S also enables you to track an individual's (or a family's) progress as they utilize your organization's different services. Easily identify wins and communicate those outcomes to your constituents - a crucial part of treating patients, track their progress, and presenting results for additional funding.  

As technology becomes more and more ubiquitous in our culture, you can no longer afford to lag behind. Automate data entry so that you can focus on what matters - your mission.

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