Park Shin Hye, Jo Jung Suk And EXO singer D.O. To Star In New Movie 'Brother'; New Posters Revealed

By Van V. , Oct 19, 2016 04:50 AM EDT
SHANGHAI, CHINA - JUNE 14: Korea actress Park Shin Hye arrives for the red carpet of the 17th Shanghai International Film Festival at Shanghai Grand Theatre on June 14, 2014 in Shanghai, China. (Photo : Photo by Feng Li/Getty Images)

Actress Park Shin Hye will make her big screen comeback in the upcoming movie "Brother." Recently, a new set of posters for the upcoming movie teased about the challenges that await the actress together with her co-stars Jo Jung Suk and EXO singer D.O.

"Brother" is a film that follows the story of two estranged brothers, Doo Young and Doo Sik, who were reunited after 15 years of being apart. The said roles will be portrayed by EXO singer D.O. and "Jealousy Incarnate" actor Jo Jung Suk respectively. The older brother, Doo Sik, was released on parole and looks after his younger brother, Doo Young, a judo athlete who got injured in a match. The estranged brothers will reunite and live together. On the other hand, actress Park Shin Hye will play the role of Soo Hyun, a Judo coach who got herself caught between the two brothers' complicated relationship.

A new set of movie posters for "Brothers" were released by CJ Entertainment on Monday, October 17, giving fans a hint of what to expect in the upcoming flick. The said posters revealed Soo Hyun's stressful and challenging life after meeting the brothers, Doo Young and Doo Sik.

One poster featured Park Shin Hye as Soo Hyun who seems to be having a hard time dealing with the brothers with a tagline that reads, "The estranged brothers are driving me crazy." The other one consists of EXO singer D.O. as Doo Young looking irritated about his brother's return after a long time, saying, "The fraudster older brother returned after 15 years." On the other hand, Jo Jung Suk's poster depicted his role as Doo Sik and his life in prison, saying, "I grabbed the opportunity to be released on parole, by selling my younger brother."

With the looks of the posters, it seems like "Brother" will be another hit for Park Shin Hye, Jo Jung Suk and EXO singer D.O. "Brother" is set for release in late November.

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