'The Legend Of The Blue Sea' First Teaser Is Out; Features Lee Min Ho, Jun Ji Hyun’s Characters’ Backstory Of Love

By Dan Niel , Oct 19, 2016 11:53 AM EDT
"The Legend Of The Blue Sea" launches poster contest to engage with fans. (Photo : Drama Fever/YouTube Screenshot)

SBS's upcoming Wednesday-Thursday romance fantasy drama "Legend of the Blue Sea" dropped its first teaser featuring main characters Lee Min Ho and Jun Ji Hyun. The teaser provided scenic views of beaches and seas and introduced to fans the centuries-old love between a man and the last mermaid on earth.

As previously reported, Lee Min Ho plays two roles in the "The Legend of the Blue Sea": Kim Dam Lim, a nobleman and a magistrate's son in the Joseon era; and Heo Joon Jae, a cold blooded con artist in the present timeline. Jun Ji Hyun, on the other hand, plays Shim Chung, a mermaid who will go to modern Seoul to find her lost love.

The teaser unexpectedly shows a sad, melancholic mood, pointing to the backstory of Shim Chung and Heo Joon Jae's love. The scene opens with Joon Jae gazing into the open sea and Shin Chung swimming underwater, then quickly flashes scenes from the past timeline. In Joseon era, Shim Chung was captured and demoralized by men and Kim Da Lim, in officer uniform, saved her. There is also a scene of Joon Jae waking up on the beach and Shim Chung, now a human, walking away. It seems like Shim Chung saved him from drowning.

Jun Ji Hyun's voice can be heard narrating: "I'm still going to keep my promise. Even if a storm comes, or there's no one there so it feels lonely, or I feel afraid because it's a path I've never walked on, I'm going to persevere and go to you." A sense of longing is imminent in her voice which led fans to speculate something bad happened in the past timeline.

On the other hand, the teaser's copy reads: "Permitted just once in a lifetime-the love of the last mermaid on Earth. So beautiful it's like a dream. The Legend of the Blue Sea."

"The Legend of the Blue Sea" production crew also teased fans they will see the cast members' fresh and new transformation unlike anything that they have seen before. "The released teaser is just the start as we plan to simultaneously show how Lee Min Ho and Jun Ji Hyun have perfectly absorbed into their characters," the production said, according to Soompi.

 "The Legend of the Blue Sea" will premiere on Nov. 16 at 10 p.m. KST on SBS

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