'Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo' Episode 16 Recap: Hae Soo And Wang So's Sweet Moments; Wang So Moves To Get The Throne

By Dan Niel , Oct 19, 2016 03:54 PM EDT
Hae Soo and Wang So reunites after two years in "Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo" episode 16. (Photo : Moon Lovers/YouTube Screenshot)

At last! We finally got to see Wang So (Lee Joon Gi) and Hae Soo's (IU) most awaited sweet moments in "Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo." Episode 16 started tragically with 10th Prince Wang Eun (Byun Baek Hyun) and Soon Deok's (Z.Hera) death. Wang So was also forced out of the palace, but thankfully, we were treated with a tearful but sweet Wang So-Hae Soo reunion two years later.

Fighting ensued as King Jeongjong (Hong Jong Hyun), caught his younger brother Wang Eun in this week's episode of "Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo." His wife, Soon Deok, told him to go first and she would distract the guards but Wang Eun did not heed her advice knowing that following her is equivalent to suicide. (We have been expecting this from the spoilers but I still felt teary watching the scene unfolds.) Wang Eun begged the King to let them go saying they would not ever go back to Goryeo again but his heartless brother did not listen. Wang Eun was attacked by a guard and Seon Deok shielded him with her body and got killed instead.

Wang So came to protect Wang Eun, but the King shot him with an arrow. In his last moments Wang Eun explained that he was controlled by the Third Prince when he asked for that outrageous wish on his birthday and hinted he didn't want his wife to go to the afterlife alone. Why are they all turning Wang So into a bad person? Wang So then ended Wang Eun's life with his sword.

General Park Soo Kyung (Sung Dong Il) came too late to see his dead daughter, and it's a scene that really made me cry. Fourteenth Prince Wang Jung (Ji Soo) said he will kill Wang So but Hae Soo stopped him, saying Wang Eun wanted Wang So to kill him and it was not his fault. We saw a bloodied Wang So vowing to be a rabid wolf dog who would kill his owner and take over the house. He has decided to be the King.

Choi Ji Mong (Kim Sung Kyun) saw the letter Hae Soo left about Wang Eun and Soon Deok hiding in Damiwon and gave it to Wang So. Hae Soo and Wang So met. Wang So said Hae Soo's lack of trust in him made Wang Eun die and seeing her made him remember the unfortunate event. Hae Soo said he trusted him with the situation that's why she left the letter but he told her his feelings changed and he doesn't love her anymore.

Hae Soo said he's lying but Wang So replied they promised not to lie to each other anymore. Although he said those brave words, he seemed to be hurting inside. Wang So was sent out of the palace. He was rewarded by the King with land for killing Wang Eun and assigned him to oversee Seokyeong. But honestly, this was just a plot to drive him out. Wang Jung, on the other hand, volunteered to go to the frontlines. He gifted the King with the arrows he used for Wang Eun and left. Now the King started hearing things; he must have been affected by Wang Eun's death too.

General Park dissed Wang So in front of the ministers saying he got rich for killing his brother, though it seems like we should not be worried about him. He, Ji Mong and 13th Prince Baek Ah (Nam Joo Hyuk) are part of operation-overthrow-the-king that Wang So is plotting.

Hae Soo heard from Baek Ah that Wang So was leaving. She went to their meeting place but he was not there. Hae Soo said she will wait for him.

Seasons changed and we enter into King Jeongjong's third year of reign after a two-year time jump. Chae Ryung (Jin Ki Joo) rushed to Hae Soo saying someone she really wanted to see came back. Hae Soo was expecting to see Wang So but it was Wang Jung instead. He is now a grand general after a victorious battle against Khitan. He asked Hae Soo if he would get out of the palace and get married and she said she won't; she said she would retire when she gets older and travel instead.

They met Baek Ah and Woo Hee. Woo Hee is now the highest court lady in Gyobang. Wang Jung warns Baek Ah to be careful of Woo Hee, because she may stab him in the back. Is this a premonition? Please give us at least one happy couple in the end. Baek Ah asked Hae Soo if Wang So came to Damiwon and Hae Soo was surprised that Wang So was already back.

We saw a sickly King Jeongjong (he looked like King Hyejong now, when he was about to die) doing some religious rights. Queen Yoo (Park Ji Young) nagged him to name Wang Jung as the crown prince. They had a confrontation, Wang So came and the King teased her mother he should make Wang So his successor instead. Be careful of what you say, it might come true. The Queen bolted out.

The King was making a fit because of the delay of the construction in Seokyeong that Wang Soo was overseeing. He told him to resort to worse methods to get it done on schedule while hurting Hae Soo as he talked. Wang Jung was about to stop him but Wang Wook held him down.

Wang So and Hae Soo met coincidentally at their usual meeting place. The King saw them and targeted Hae Soo with an arrow to confirm if they really don't have feelings for each other anymore. Wang So saved her and got hurt. He reasoned to the King that it would be bad if there would be a rumor that he killed a court lady for fun.

Hae Soo asked Woo Hee to send a message to Baek Ah that she wanted to meet with Wang So. On the other hand, the King asked Wang Jung what he wanted as reward for his victorious battle except for the throne. Does he think he can rule by himself forever? It wasn't shown what Wang Jung asked but I bet he asked for Hae Soo.

Hae Soo visited Wang So and nursed him. He seemed to be getting delirious due to his wound. He later woke up and saw her. Hae Soo asked if Wang So really forgot about her and he turned back. "Do you still feel that you love me?" Hae Soo asked again, and in response, Wang So kissed her. It's the most awaited SoSoo moment we've been waiting for! Hae Soo stayed the whole night, they ate together and Hae Soo taught him about stars.

Butt their sweet moment was short-lived. Ji Mong came and told Wang So that the King is ill. Wang So said the time has come. Hae Soo asked if he wanted to be the King and if he left her so the King can't use her to blackmail him anymore. "What if I asked you to give up?" Hae Soo asked, to which Wang So smiled and answered: "I'll persuade you until you say it is all right to do it." The sudden change in his personality feels scary.

"I started this so that I could stop us brothers from having to kill each other. But when I was building the castle, I realized the world can change if the King changes," Wang So said. "Being the King is something I want."

The "Moon Lovers: Scarlet Herat Ryeo" episode for next week teased Wang So will be King and it seems like Hae Soo will be his concubine. "Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo" episode 17 will air on Oct. 24 at 10 p.m. KST on SBS.


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