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Final Fantasy XV Guide: Things You Can Do After Beating The Game

First Posted: Dec 02, 2016 04:30 AM EST
There are plenty of stuff to do after beating Final Fantasy XV. Chocobo is life, ride free!

There are plenty of stuff to do after beating Final Fantasy XV. Chocobo is life, ride free! Credit:YouTube / PlayStation Access

Final Fantasy XV is relatively a new fresh game for everyone to play but that doesn't mean no one has finished the game. Several people are already done beating the game and it feels that there is still so much to do post-credits. When you are done beating the game, lots of stuff will open up for you.

Here are the other stuff you can do after beating the game, it is important to note that some of the activities below are not available unless you have finished playing the main story for Final Fantasy XV.

Chocobo Racing is Life

One of the most fun side activities, and sometimes part of the missions, is riding a Chocobo. And it's more fun when you race them with bets. These adorable land birds slash vehicles in Final Fantasy XV can also be trained to be stronger and faster for race events. You can start racing riding these creatures before even beating the game but you can always come back for more.

Finish Up Trophies and Achievements

Trophy's or achievements in games have different effects for gamers. Some treat them as encouragement to play more, others - like me, find them distracting. You can always come back to them later on after you're done. If so, then this would be one of the obvious activities when finished with Final Fantasy XV. Bragging rights is also in the balance here.

Dungeon Raider

Mysterious doors are scattered in the game which become locked forever when attempted to open. The best way to deal with these doors is to ignore until you've beaten Final Fantasy XV. Once finished with the game, you will be able to activate a quest and be rewarded with the key to open them all.

To get the key, go to Risorath Basin on top of the map, east of Vesperpool. Here you'll meet Ezma, an old lady on a porch. She will hand over the Dungeon Seal Key. A new quest gets activated called "Menace Beneath Lucis." There are a total of 8 dungeons to scour, each with designated recommended player levels:

Level 55: Dungeon at Keycatrich Trench
Level 65: Dungeon at Fociaugh Hollow
Level 65: Dungeon at Greyshire Glacial Grotto
Level 72: Dungeon at Daurell Caverns
Level 78: Dungeon at Balouve Mines
Level 86: Dungeon at Steyliff Grove
Level 92: Dungeon at Crestholm Channels
Level 99: Dungeon at Costlemark Tower

What happens in Eos, Stays in Eos

Gambling is another fun way to spend time in Final Fantasy XV. You may not notice it but there is a large arena in the south of Altissia, realm of the Leviathan. On the area where there are 3 gondola paths, take the purple one and end up Arena Galviano. Here, you can bet on monsters fighting. Take note that this place only recognizes Galviano Medals as currency.

Defeat that nasty Andamantoise

One of the exciting events is beating the very difficult Adamantoise where, Noctis and the gang are pitted at a mountain made of stone. The goal is to battle and beat a monster that seems to have infinite HP. Is it said that the huge turtle-like rocky mountain is the game's biggest boss and is put there by the developers to challenge the most hardened Final Fantasy XV players.

This monster is at Level 99 with HP reaching 5,000,000. It is not affected by Holy, and can kill any fighter with one blow. As consolation, it is very slow so you can take your characters speed as advantage. 50,000 Gil will be awarded to those who can beat it, alongside bragging rights and trophies.


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