'My Hero Academia' Chapter 138 Spoilers: Overhaul's Pawns Ready For Ambush; More Heroes' Quirks Revealed

By Shor M. Rae , May 20, 2017 06:10 AM EDT

The latest chapter of “My Hero Academia”, also known as “Boku No Hero Academia”, has just been released. The heroes' operation to rescue Eri is put into action but it seems like they’ve met some obstacles.

Heroes Charge To Overhaul’s Headquarters

After the meeting at Sir Nighteye’s office, selected interns and professional heroes set off on their mission to save Eri. In order to do that, in “My Hero Academia” Chapter 138, they coordinated with police forces to barricade Overhaul’s headquarters. Assignments have been distributed and all they had to do what was get inside and show the warrant to search for illegal drugs and take Eri.

However, not long after they’ve arrived and assembled the teams, one of the Eight Precepts of Death came out charging at them. His identity has yet to be revealed but he was huge and packed strong punches, sending some of the victims of his attacks flying. One of the professional heroes, Ryukyu was able to stop him by using her quirk. In this chapter, Ryukyu’s quirk has been finally revealed to have the ability to transform into a dragon.

Masks Behind The Eight Precepts Of Death Explained

The latest chapter of “My Hero Academia” has shocked fans when it was revealed that Overhaul was aware of the hero’s top secret operation to rescue Eri. There are speculations that there is a traitor among the heroes and it could be the one who decided not to show up. While the heroes are busy trying to subdue the henchmen and the first attack from the Eight Precepts of Death, Overhaul calmly escapes, leaving the commotion to the rest of his teams.

“My Hero Academia” Chapter 138 revealed that the rest of the Eight Precepts of Death are actually in hiding, preparing to ambush the heroes, who have no idea that their mission has been compromised. It was also revealed that the reason why Overhaul and the rest of them wear masks because Overhaul doesn’t like associating with them because he doesn't want to breathe the same air as them. The masks represent their positions, the ones who has to take care of the dirty jobs.

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