How To Spy WhatsApp Messages on iPhone and Android?

The invention of WhatsApp is taken as a bliss for every smartphone user. Whether it be an iPhone user or an Android possessor, this ace mobile application is enjoyed by every smartphone purchaser. For sharing communications, interactive medias, etc. WhatsApp is the best! It's database is upsurging with every passing day. It does not let it's users get bored of it. What all is required when amazing features, live chats, cute emoticons, and lot more comes all for free!

But as the nature suggests, every bright looking thing has its darker side too. In a very short, timespan, WhatsApp has so drastically occupied its user's life, that 24*7 you will find their eyes glued on their phones - tapping the text and anxiously waiting for the reply! You- as a parent, spouse or an employer kill yourself every second by straining your brain, to know who is the mystery-person at the other end of the phone, who has cemented your loved and loyal ones so badly.

So, this is it! All you require is a WhatsApp spy software which is the best option for you! Scroll and know what you need to do further:

First And Foremost!

Once you have decided to spy on your kids, cheating spouse or employees, you need to visit the official website of Flexispy app reviews. This amazing spyware is compatible with almost all the present generation mobile operating systems. Firstly check if your target's cell phone gels well with the particular spy app. Later on, after listing down your requirements, hit any of the tab which says Buy Now.

Things To Do!

You cannot remotely install it on your red-marked person's smartphone as it is designed to be planted manually. For having the special WhatsApp tracking feature, you would be essentially required to do the following:

● If your target is an Android possessor, you need to get it rooted before installing the monitoring software; and

● If your circled person is an iPhone user then jailbreak is the first procedure that you require to accomplish before equipping the device with the spyware.

What Will You Bag?

By doing the aforementioned things, you can start seeing and/or reading the entire chat thread of your target's WhatsApp conversation. Not only this but also the multimedia shared/saved like images, video folders and audio clips can be traced by the ace spy app. Do not worry about the deleted records, as you get the data first before it gets deleted.

It's not that you can bag just the information related to Instant Messaging apps, you can also accumulate lot many things. Tick down and learn more:

● You can read all his/her text messages;

● You can scan all his/her emails- read, unread and deleted;

● You can flip through the entire multimedia folder;

● You can locate your target with the GPS location tracker;

● You can go through all your target's browsed website by seeing its URLs;

● You can check the complete call logs and that of his/her contacts too by seeing the details of the phonebook;

● You can listen and record the live phone calls for future references;

● You can do the live recording of the sound of the present environment of the target;

● You can do all this without your targets know about this, it works in an incog mode.

After reading the software features, there is no point of ignoring it and going for any other option. This is the best ever ways to monitor your teens, cheating spouse, and disloyal employees.

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