Using UI/UX Design for Better Website Conversions

A user's first impression when browsing a website is crucial for its conversion rate. If you designed your site with user experience in mind, you might expect a conversion rate increase, because it tends to the needs of its visitors. Let's see why it's like that.

When applied to a website, user experience design (UX design) deals with its performance, efficiency, and usability. In other words, a good UX designer will make sure that your site works well, provides convenient use, and lets visitors quickly access features that help them solve their problems. However, an ideal UX has a lot more than just a pretty layout and smooth navigation properties. It's a concept and understanding that, when appropriately executed, almost automatically improves the website visitors' browsing experience. As a result, this leads to higher traffic and better sales. That is, if you want to get new clients and retain existing ones more effectively while improving your brand's reputation, you need to take care of your website's UX design and provide successful marketing ad with Crello design tool

The question is, how do you make creative UX design if your company isn't about designing websites, and you have no idea how to handle user experience? In such cases, the best way forward would be hiring one of the reliable and reputable UX agencies. The right agency will provide you more than merely a "sign the contract, get the project" type of way. If you hire a reputed contractor, they will go through the UX design process starting with research, which includes your company, market niche, audience and other dimensions. It's also best for you and your website to connect your marketing and development team with the design team from the agency because they can learn a lot of things from UX specialists, which can be used further on after they launch the website.

There are four significant ways that you can improve your website's user experience for higher conversions.

Design a Call to Action

Call to action - CTA - is a crucial component in any website's conversion. CTAs are usually placed in the form of buttons. Some of the big calls to action include "Sign up," "Book now," "Start a trial," etc. A bright and prominent CTA is excellent because it lets users understand where they can get what they've come to your website for - thus improving its UX and boosting its conversion. Furthermore, if your site has a fold, your CTA should stay above it for easier access and better visibility.

A few more things concerning CTA you should consider:

  • Effective CTAs have less than five words;

  • CTAs should be related to action and include subtle text;

  • Color helps to make CTAs engaging and unique.

But, the best way to handle this is by trusting them to your UX agency. Just make sure that you see eye to eye with the design team so that the calls to action on your website provide the needed effect.

Tend to 404 Errors

When people visit your website, they usually expect to land on the homepage or whatever page they've selected in the search engine or on your site while browsing it. And in most cases, if they get a 404 error, they will go to other websites that provide the same products or services - in other words, your competitors. It, in turn, leads to a decrease in conversion rate.

You can easily avoid 404 errors. There are at least three ways to do it:

  • Identify the page that shows the 404 error and fix it right away;

  • Personalize the generic "404 Error: Page cannot be displayed" notification, so it still ties it to your brand (think something like "Sorry, we're going to fix this issue soon");

  • Show entertaining, yet relevant images on the error page, thus reducing any discomfort caused to the visitor.

Once again, you don't have to know how exactly to do it. Trust it to the UX design agency - providing users with a great experience is what they specialize in.

Relevant Visual Content

 Properly selected images improve user engagement on the website while improving its overall appearance. The very first thing that you should notice is that the type of pictures you choose will have a tremendous effect on the page's overall design. If you want to get great results, it's best not to use stock photographs. A lot of websites use stock images because they are rather cheap and can be used in virtually any type of site, but they cause more harm than they do good in the long run. While stock photos may seem engaging at first, over time they become very dull and harm conversion rates.

On the other hand, original images provide a realistic and engaging feel that helps visitors become more attached to your brand. Plus, the use of original visual content is like sending out a message that you've researched your audience and have invested time and money into creating an excellent website for them. Your UX design team will know what to do after the research phase, and you will have to provide your input to them, so they have the whole picture in front of them.

You can quickly create custom icons, logos, and spacers for your site using a free logo maker. Graphics, fonts, and colors are all suggested using AI, based on your specific project. Once these themes have been established, you can carry the elements sitewide for visual continuity. 

Quick Loading

Low loading speed annoys website visitors. If your website doesn't load fast, don't expect many people to wait or return to it. It should load within 2 or 3 seconds tops. Otherwise, people will most likely move on to other sites. Loading time also affects a user's decision regarding browsing through the website. In other words, the faster your site loads, the higher the conversion rates. Make sure the UX agency optimizes your website for both desktop and mobile to cover all of your audience.


Above are just a few crucial UX design factors that affect your website conversions. There are many more of them, and each requires an individual approach. While you will work with a UX design agency and don't necessarily have to understand all the concepts and mechanisms, it's still useful to know how and why these things can either help you improve conversions or ruin them.

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