Start with Microsoft 98-366 Exam and Get Some Practice Tests for It!

By Staff Reporter , Jul 09, 2020 11:03 PM EDT

If you want to start your career in IT, the best way to begin your journey is to work on getting the basic skills. Apart from this approach, it is also important to decide which area of IT to pursue and which vendor to choose. You may go no further because Microsoft offers a wide range of opportunities to test the waters and even to proceed and gain more advanced skills. And if you want to start with getting some networking expertise, you can do it through the MD-101 VCE.

Start with Microsoft 98-366 Exam and Get Some Practice Tests for It!

This test is meant to equip you with networking fundamentals that will be verified by the world-famous company and shown in the MTA certification. You can use it to launch a great networking career in the IT field. This post provides an overview of this exam by bringing you its details. This includes information about its topics, some ways that you can use to effectively study for it, main reasons for its popularity, and different career opportunities it offers. Let's take a closer look at all these features.

Microsoft 98-366: Why is it so popular?

The MS-500 VCE is designed to give all the interested candidates the basic skills in networking that include three distinct areas touching on network infrastructures, hardware, as well as services and protocols. It is ideal for checking your expertise in solving networking problems. Today, the Internet is being utilized by many people, so the businesses depend on it. This fact implies the requirement of more technical professionals. By passing this test and earning the relevant credential, you increase your chances of getting hired by almost any organization. And with the growing demand for networking skills, many companies find it easier to work with the certified specialists. This is because this saves them a lot of time and resources that otherwise they would use to train these individuals. This means that you have a higher probability of being hired if you have any Microsoft certificate than when you don't hold one.

The popularity of MS-300 VCE Certifications Exams has also been brought about because of how it offers the professionals a chance to establish a strong foundation in networking. This makes it easier for them to move up the ladder and go for skills and credentials that are more advanced.

Microsoft 98-366: What are the details you need to know?

First of all, it is important to mention that the 98-366 exam includes about 40-60 questions that should be completed within 60 minutes. They can be of different types, which may include short answer, case study, build list, multiple choice, best answer, mark review, active screen, and more. Getting 700 marks and above qualifies you for the AZ-300 VCE Certifications Exams . The cost of the test is $127 and you will need to register for it via the official webpage.

Microsoft 98-366: What topics do you need to study?

It is always important for any certification vendor to point out the list of topics that each exam has. Exam-Labs AZ-301 VCE Exams . You can find all the possible objectives that can be in the 98-366 test right on the official website. Here are the main domains you have to work on before you can confidently say you're ready for your exam:

  • Network Infrastructures (30-35%): Mastering this topic involves studying the Internet, intranet, as well as extranet concepts. Other areas include LANs, WANs, wireless networking, network topologies, as well as access methods.

  • Network Hardware (20-25%): This is another subject you need to master if passing Microsoft 98-366 is your goal. It focuses on switches, routers, and media types.

  • Protocols and Services (45-50%): If you want to excel in the 98-366 exam, don't ignore the section about protocols and services. By exploring it, you'll get the relevant knowledge of the OSI (Open Systems Interconnection) model, IPv4, and IPv6. Other subtopics include name resolution, networking services, and TCP/IP.

Microsoft 98-366: How can you prepare for the exam?

The feeling you have after achieving the passing score is unforgettable. Surely, it is such a great thing that makes you feel exhilarated and self-satisfied. But to enjoy the benefits, it's better to work harder. As a candidate, you need to understand that any certification test can be considered a daunting task. Your key in this case is to know what to expect. This is possible through the following steps:

  1. Create a schedule and find the best preparation resources that properly cover the exam topics;

  2. Thoroughly study the materials and methods you've chosen.

The Microsoft website gives you adequate information related to the 98-366 exam and offers you some effective ways of covering its topics. So, ensure to check this official platform and understand the requirements well. The study materials suggested by the vendor include an instructor-led course and a practice test. There is also an official study guide, which you can buy on Amazon.

In addition, take a look at the Exam-Labs MS-900 VCE Exams for other reliable prep tools. On this platform, you will come across 197 practice questions with answers, one study guide with more than 200 pages, and a video course with 39 lectures. All these resources are available in the premium bundle as well as in the individual packages. The site also offers you free exam dumps with an emulator for them. Taking these practice tests allows you to understand how to use your time in the best way during the given period for the exam. Combining these two sources will definitely grant you success.

Microsoft 98-366: What job roles can you get?

So, you passed the test and now you have the MTA badge. What's next? Of course, you need to apply for a suitable job. Here are some of the positions that you can get:

- Junior Network Engineer;
- Systems Administrator;
- Network Administrator;
- Infrastructure Specialist.

According to PayScale, any of these professionals can earn about $47,023 per annum.


To conclude, the Microsoft 98-366 exam is ideal for anyone who has no background in IT but wants to launch a career in this sector. The MTA credential will help you get the basics that will lead you to the limitless opportunities. You can't go wrong if you start with an area such as networking because it is among the leading fields in IT. So, wait no more, grab everything you need and turn your life to the path of success.

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