7 Helpful Fishing Gadgets For New Anglers

7 Helpful Fishing Gadgets For New Anglers
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Are you an experienced angler looking for your new favorite fishing tool? Or a newbie who is learning the basics of fishing and wants to level up their experience? We can all agree that learning to use a new gadget is a great motivation to dive back into your favorite hobby, and people are flocking outdoors this year in record numbers. 

More than 50 million Americans per year get out on the water to cast a line with their family and friends, and when you see this list of sweet fishing tech, you may just want to join them. 

While fishing is a notoriously low-tech pastime, it doesn't have to be. Let's explore a few great gadgets that can make your next trip both easier and more fun. 

1. Sonar

Finding it hard to catch a bite with your usual lures? Wishing you had the power to see underwater to monitor how many fish are lurking beneath the surface?  Even with the best fishing lures, it can still be hard to get that bite you want. Because of that, you may be interested in getting a sonar device. Much like echolocation used by dolphins, a gadget like Deeper Sonar can sense what is in the water around you by emitting soundwaves. 

2. Tide Clock

If you want to connect to the flow of the water at your favorite fishing spot, you may consider purchasing a tide clock. Check the flow of the tide and stay in tune with what time is the best to fish by getting a tide timepiece from a company like Tidepieces.

3. Dry Bag

Keep your belongings bone dry on even the roughest days on the water by investing in a dry bag. A brand like Earth Pak is a reliable choice that will keep your phone, keys, wallet, and other valuables dry on your fishing trip and last for years. 

4. GoFish Cam

If you want to gain unique information about your fishing technique or simply have a little fun, purchase a fishing camera. GoFish is a great option as the camera can attach directly to your fishing line and catch cool footage of your angler adventures in real-time. As an added bonus, the camera links to a mobile app where you can save and share your footage online. 

5. Flashlight Gloves

If it's getting dark and you aren't ready to go home yet, time to get out your flashlight gloves. These sleek, lightweight gloves with built-in flashlights on each hand are essential to invest in for night fishing or dim light conditions. This is an affordable gadget that can be used for a variety of other activities like hiking and car repair. 

6. Fishing Pliers

Every angler has a standard set of pliers, but if you're ready to step up your game, consider purchasing a high-quality set like the Piscifun Fishing Pliers. Add these to your fishing arsenal and you'll have a much easier time removing hooks.

7. Wind Speed Meter

Get accurate wind speed measurement and prepare for inclement weather with a wind speed meter. With this gadget, you can measure wind speed, wind chill, and temperature on your next fishing trip and know when it's safe to keep reeling 'em in and when it's time to pack up and head home. 

Whether you're looking for a fun new toy to purchase for yourself, on the hunt for a great gift for the angler in your life, or just want to take your passion for virtual fishing outdoors and away from the computer screen, these helpful fishing gadgets will be sure to get you excited and geared-up for your next fishing adventure. 

Happy Fishing!

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