This Virtual Events Platform Changed the Industry Forever - Restart 2021

This Virtual Events Platform Changed the Industry Forever - Restart 2021
Photo : This Virtual Events Platform Changed the Industry Forever - Restart 2021

Events in the Post-Pandemic Period

The COVID-19 pandemic has hit the best of us in the most unexpected ways, altering our way of living to a great extent. Carrying facemasks and sanitisers have been the new norm, and one simply can't do without these. So has been maintaining social distance and limiting commutes. This has led to a decline in physical, social interactions. Outdoor social events have drastically reduced, if not gone out of the game entirely. This has increased our reliance on the use of digital media and online social platforms to socialize. 

Virtual event platforms like Hubilo are proving to be a game-changer in this regard as they provide a seamless virtual platform for people all across the globe to connect, socialize and conduct events on a massive scale. In a world dominated by digital media, you need to provide your audience an immersive that keeps them captivated while hosting virtual events. Hubilo helps deliver exactly what your audience craves; it boosts the experience for both the audience and the host.

The Rise & Domination of Virtual Event Platforms

There has been a massive rise in experiential virtual events that accentuate user experience. The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted all major industries, but some of the outcomes have been surprisingly beneficial. Hosting online events due to nationwide shutdowns has led to a decrease in the cost of hosting and increased the audience size as they're not confined by geographies.

The benefits are not just limited to this; marketing events are now more transparent than ever. You can easily obtain useful insights about what's working for the audience, best traffic sources, etc. It also boosts the return on investment for marketers to a great extent.

Why Hubilo's Restart 2021 Is the Real Deal?

Hubilo's Restart 2021 is going to be the pioneer of experiential virtual events. The aim is to help people kickstart their professional lives after a long haul of lockdowns & economic instability. You will be exposed to the knowledge library of some of the most experienced marketers today. Guy Kawasaki, the marketing genius, will be presenting the keynote at Restart 2021, and more than 4000 marketers from all around the globe will connect and collectively learn about the impact and scope of experiential digital events.

Insights related to ground-level implementation will also be provided with an added focus on introducing digital events into the marketing mix. Additionally, more than 40 Chief Marketing Officers, including VPs and Head of Marketing of some of the most reputed brands will be speaking and sharing their knowledge on how to leverage the new pandora-box element in marketing, i.e., virtual events, to engage with your customers and boost your returns.

The presence of 400+ event industry professionals will be the cherry on top. They will be networking with marketing professionals to showcase what they got in stores for delivering revolutionary experiential virtual events. Registrations for this must-attend event are open. Don't miss out on it!

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