7 Important Tech Trends For 2021

7 Important Tech Trends For 2021
Photo : 7 Important Tech Trends For 2021

Technology continues to set the pace in today's world. New technological innovations have changed the way many different tasks are performed in multiple industries and applications. These innovations quickly become so useful that they set many new standards in the mainstream as if they were always there. Trends related to technology continue to evolve bringing newer and greater innovations that alter nearly every aspect of work and day-to-day life. We truly do live in a very interesting time where change is driven by technology. In this article, we will take a closer look at a few of the tech trends to watch in the next year.

1 - Expect Automation to Keep Peaking

While automation was once viewed as an evil that replaced humans with computers and robots, today's workplace functions better with various forms of automation in place. This includes such technologies as Big Data, Robotics, Cloud Computing, and Artificial Intelligence. Each of these continues to grow and expand in capabilities. Automation is not going to replace all manual tasks, but the ones for which it is best adapted are indeed well suited for computerization. Applications currently using automation with success include manufacturing, software enterprises, and banking. Automation a host of ever more potential uses that will be revealed as 2021 continues.

2 - Edge Computing Takes a Front Seat

Edge Computing is a new trend that takes cloud solutions to the next level. That's primarily due to the processing power this form f technology makes available. It is currently in use by several software computing companies in the United States and the United Kingdom that have created the architecture to meet the growing demand for this trending technology. Edge Computing can solve Big Data problems that bypass the latency affected by Cloud Computing. It also provides storage closer to the location where it is needed, thereby simultaneously improving response time while saving on bandwidth.

3 - 5G Data Network Roll Out

The power of the internet will explode with 5G technology. Not only will it be more powerful, but it will reach further distances thus creating and improving connectivity where previously there was none. With the speed and bandwidth expected from 5G, more devices can be connected, and larger files transferred at a fraction of the time currently required. The big promise of 5G is more reliable connections as opposed to the previous generations of mobile internet connectivity. Add to this the Internet of Things (IoT) and 5G opens up incredible possibilities that never existed beyond the imagination.

4 - AI Is More Prevalent Than Ever

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is far more commonplace than it once was. AI is now a part of our day-to-day lives since we use it in so many ways. The technology has enabled big companies to improve customer service with AI applications including chatbots on websites and telephone systems. You may have used one of these and never thought twice about it. AI outperforms any other form of automation in its ability to learn from experience and fine-tune input data to perform human-like tasks with skill and accuracy. AI is just starting to scratch the surface of possibilities and will greatly expand in 2021.

5 - SaMD Continues To Grow

The use of Software as a Medical Device (SaMD) is still a fairly new technology but one that continues to show amazing growth. It is software that is intended for medical purposes and performs tasks without being part of a hardware medical device or tool. Currently, SaMD is used in disease management, to alert and monitor conditions.  It is also used in digital therapeutics. The primary use of SaMD is to gather patient data that is then used to assist with treatment planning. Sensors make all of this possible through remote monitoring. Software as a Medical Device has been on the rise for several years now, according to Orthogonal's comprehensive guide.

6 - Human Augmentation Is Here

You are already using smart wearables and smart devices. Human Augmentation finds ways to use that technology to deliver intellectual and physical improvement as part of human understanding. In other words, it focuses on the creation of improving cognitive and physical traits as an integral part of the human body. For example, the health data collected by your smart fitness wrist device may eventually provide personalized programs to you to teach you how to improve your health. This new technology will see great strides in 2021 where it will become more commonplace.

7 - Watch for Blockchain Expansion

Blockchain technology has continued to blossom. It is essentially a growing list of records such as events and associated data. The blocks of information contain timestamps and transaction details and have such a high level of security through encryption tools that none of the data stored in the blocks can be modified. This year, blockchain technology will be used by large corporations to prevent internet fraud and information leaks. Blockchain is the most secure method to date for storing sensitive data. This trending technology will see much more practical applications as the year passes.

In Conclusion

New technology continues to expand our possibilities. It helps us perform tasks and will keep doing so well into the future. What makes new technology so valuable is the way it often leads to innovation and the creation of new methods and tools that help us to do things more efficiently. Technology has exploded in the past few decades but in the past couple of years that explosion has only grown larger. Expect to see many new tools and products come from the currently trending technologies. Yes, it is true. We live in a very exciting time where technology helps us and works with us. But for now, trends in the technologies noted above are the ones to watch throughout the balance of 2021. 

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