Buying Cars Online: Why and How?

Buying Cars Online: Why and How?
Photo : Buying Cars Online: Why and How?

When people talk about online shopping, they do not usually discuss cars, which is understandable. After all, cars are heavy investments and it isn't like Amazon sells cars online - at least not yet, anyway! So, why should you consider buying a car online instead of test driving it first at your local dealer? Let's get straight to the answers next.

It Could be Cheaper

The price of new vehicles differs quite a bit from state to state, depending on multiple factors such as the state's new vehicle sales taxation system, the particular make and model, whether the manufacturer has an in-state manufacturing/assembling unit, etc. This is exactly why major dealers have started selling their cars online, so that they can boost sales by letting both themselves and their customers find a better bargain.

Sometimes, the price difference is too low to make significant savings after considering the cost of shipping a car from out of state. However, when the price difference is indeed significant, buying a car online from another state makes perfect sense. For example, did you know that state governments in Alaska, Oregon, New Hampshire, Delaware and Montana don't charge any car sales tax at all? On the other hand, Nevada, Kansas and California state governments charge 8.25%, 7.5% and 7.25% vehicle sales tax respectively on every car sold.

Availability Issues

If you are looking for something exclusive, vintage, or particularly expensive, you will have a much better chance of finding it online by conducting a nationwide search than by simply visiting a few local dealers. Now, here's the part that we forget about far too often; just like us, local dealers can search online too! They even have connections that we do not, but those connections will only work in their favor, which is to say, you will be paying a far higher price than you should have to. Instead, if you just bought it online and directly from a dealer who has the vehicle you want, you will be cutting out the middleman's fee completely.

What About Delivery?

Post purchase, the car can be delivered to a customer via either one of three possible methods:

  1. The dealer will arrange for a third-party car transportation company, which will then deliver the vehicle to the customer.

  2. The customer will hire a third-party car transportation business which will pick up their car from the dealer and deliver it to the customer.

  3. The customer will arrive at the dealership and drive it back to their address.

Given that the third option pretty much defeats the purpose of buying a car online, you will want to opt for the second one. Shipping a car from out of state is always going to be safer, quicker and more cost-effective, rather than leaving everything up to the dealer and a delivery company that you know nothing about.

Finally, the biggest and the most important reason as to why we should at least consider buying cars online is the looming risk of infection. The more we travel, test drive and interact with others at the various dealerships, the higher are our chances of becoming infected by any of the multiple new strains of coronavirus. Stay safe, choose smartly and buy your car online if you can. As long as you buy from a reliable online car dealer and get it shipped to your home via a reputed car transportation company, the whole purchasing experience could very well turn out to be your smoothest one yet. 

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