Top Tools for Business Data Mapping

Top Tools for Business Data Mapping
Photo : Top Tools for Business Data Mapping

An efficient data map demonstrates the relationships and connections between data sources. As a result, any potential problems will become apparent when you look at the map. Data mapping also makes data analysis more precise by decreasing the chances of errors, oversights, or repetition. Additionally, data mapping offers enhanced reporting capabilities and increased data security, governance, and compliance. 

Data mapping can also boost your competitive advantage and expedite the time to insights by improving data collaboration between internal and external stakeholders. This is accomplished by delivering data insights in real-time, thereby improving your business operations' efficiency and streamlining your processes. 

There are a number of business mapping software options to choose from. To help you in your search, we've compiled a list of the top tools for business data mapping. 

●      Mapline

Using data from an Excel spreadsheet, Mapline allows you to plot customers, add boundaries, create heat maps, and plan routes. Other features of this software include creating disaster recovery plans, optimizing sales territories, and leveraging distance analysis. In addition to mapping, Mapline offers BI dashboards that let you create dynamic charts, reports, and dashboards. Using these tools, you can identify trends, improve your efficiency, and mitigate risks. Furthermore, it provides the necessary information to identify growth opportunities.

●      MapBusinessOnline

MapBusinessOnline offers mapping software that allows any business, regardless of its size, to create sharable online maps that make it simple to organize and view critical business data geographically. In doing so, you will be able to understand and visualize various sales, prospect, customer, and resource locations related to your business. This will help you in your short-and-long-term strategic planning activities. Features of this software include route optimization, customer data visualizations, and the creation and management of sales territories. Furthermore, MapBusinessOnline allows you to create demographic maps with up-to-date Census data and map business data using street addresses, zip codes, city names, or latitude and longitude. 

●      Maptive

Discover important information about your customers, sales team, and business using Maptive's mapping software. Maptive works by taking your location and customer data and transforming it into an interactive map that's simple to comprehend. Using this software, you can plot essential data points to identify critical trends and growth opportunities that may have been hiding in your spreadsheet data. Features of this program include route optimization, business location mapping, and data grouping into geographic areas. Maptive is designed to cater to businesses of all sizes. In particular, it's well suited for sales mapping, supply chain mapping, and commercial real estate mapping. Furthermore, you can easily share your maps and access them on mobile as a result of Maptive's cloud-based technology.

●      EasyMapMaker

EasyMapMaker allows you to create a Google Map from spreadsheet data. You can upload up to 15,000 locations and then manipulate the location pins as you see fit. You can also change the style and label of the pins to customize your map to your needs. Furthermore, this software features heat map layers, turn-by-turn navigation, and filters. It also allows you to add contour lines so you can see the density of distances from specific locations. Maps created by EasyMapMaker are accessible through the cloud and can be exported as a PDF or PNG.

●      eSpatial

As a mobile software program, eSpatial allows you to add data from various sources and create a variety of map types, including regional heat maps, hot spot heat maps, radius maps, bubble maps, buffer maps, and sales territory maps. You also have the option to plan your driving routes and use annotations to add context to your data. This software program's features include data filtering in a live map, custom drawing and selection tools, color points, and in-map labeling. Furthermore, eSpatial is available on mobile so that you can access it on the go. You also have the option to collaborate in real-time with team members. Lastly, eSpatial maps can be published on websites or printed and exported as a PPT, PDF, or CSV file. 


Business data mapping is an essential analysis tool. By mapping your data, you can reveal and identify trends not readily apparent from looking at numbers in a spreadsheet. Furthermore, it allows you to make plans like how best to get from one location to another and how best to divide sales territories. In sum, data mapping's visual insights take the guesswork out of decision-making and are, therefore, an invaluable tool for your business.

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