Tech Entrepreneur? Take This Into Account in Case of Liability!

Tech Entrepreneur? Take This Into Account in Case of Liability!
Photo : Tech Entrepreneur? Take This Into Account in Case of Liability!

As a successful entrepreneur in the tech world, you probably won't see many threats. You are a much sought-after tech specialist and requests for your services are pouring in. Turnover is rising to record highs and profit has never been higher.

What is important to realize is that as an entrepreneur you are also vulnerable in the world of technology. After all, you are the entrepreneur and the success of your business depends on you. Without you there is no company. All self-employed persons have this risk, from self-employed without employees to entrepreneurs with employees.

Liability insurance for tech entrepreneurs

In order to prevent the risk of damage for your company, it is very important to obtain advice about insurance. Liability insurance is important for your internet company or computer shop, but also for mistakes made by personnel.

If you drop out as an entrepreneur, not only your company will suffer damage, but yourself too! After all, you earn your income by running your business. If your internet company comes to a standstill, the turnover and profits often come to a standstill as well, resulting in loss of income.

Liability of your tech company

Liability of your internet company or computer business can be the result of an error in your service. The damage can be enormous. It is therefore necessary to insure yourself against liability.

You can also be held liable for an error by your employees, for example an internet installer who causes a short circuit at a client. Not your employee, but usually you as an entrepreneur are liable for this.

Liability in traffic

What many entrepreneurs do not know is that you or your company cannot be liable in traffic, for example after a chain collision. (Dutch: kettingbotsing). If you or one of your employees causes a traffic accident, then you as a technology entrepreneur are liable for the damage suffered by the personal injury victim as a result of the car accident.

In many countries cars are compulsorily insured against liability. However, it is good to check this and make sure that you are insured against liability.

Incapacity for work of you as a tech entrepreneur

If you yourself become incapacitated for work due to illness or an accident, you will suffer loss of income. You can insure against this by means of occupational disability insurance.

What many people do not know is that if you become incapacitated for work due to a car accident, you are often entitled to personal injury compensation (Dutch: letselschade vergoeding). This is the case if you are hit by another vehicle. Do you have passenger damage insurance? Even then there is often a right to compensation.

In some countries, you are even entitled to the assistance of a free personal injury lawyer. This is the case in the Netherlands, among others. For example, if you have an accident in Rotterdam, you are entitled to legal assistance from a free personal injury lawyer in Rotterdam (Dutch: letselschade advocaat Rotterdam).

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