7 Best Messaging Channels for Business

7 Best Messaging Channels for Business
Photo : 7 Best Messaging Channels for Business

Communication remains an important part of every day's human interaction. Without a mode of communication, life would be slow and difficult, like in the state of nature. Fortunately, we have continuously improved on how people can easily and effectively communicate and conduct business. 

The digital era has greatly influenced how communication progresses and through many tools, there are now newer ways people can discuss and connect with each other on their business or any other matter as such. Most of these platforms have no subscription fees or charges, which make them accessible to everyone. 

Organizations can now effectively conduct official business affairs via modern instant-messaging that has surpassed the conventional modes of messaging. The article takes a look at some of the seven messaging channels that have transformed communication, especially in the corporate sector.

1. Instagram

Owned by Facebook, Instagram is a popular messaging platform for both individuals and corporates. It's easy-to-use but it's not officially available on Mac so you may be wondering how to check Instagram messages on Mac. You can access it through the browser but without the upload feature. With some easy workaround, you'll be able to access the other feature, though.

The Instagram messaging platform enables businesses to engage their clients for orders and inquiries in real-time and communication is seamless and peppy because of some cool features.

2. Facebook Messenger

Messenger continues to be a popular messaging platform, especially for small and medium size organizations. It is a subsidiary of Facebook with more than 1.3 billion users globally. It is free to use, and you just need a smartphone and internet. The features on the platforms include cool emojis, gifs, video, audio, document sharing. 

Messenger is popular because it has messaging tools for replying and forwarding instantly. It is also safe and with secured end-to-end encryption, which gives many users confidence to convey their business information on the platform.

3. WhatsApp

Also associated with Facebook, WhatsApp has dominated the messaging platform in the last decade. It is almost like the default messaging media for the majority of smartphone users. WhatsApp was initially developed to replace the limited phone line SMS. It has not, however, completely done so but the majority of messaging is done on WhatsApp. Compared to the traditional SMS, there is no limit to the amount of messages to be conveyed as long as you have an intern. 

WhatsApp enjoys more than 1.5 billion users globally, making it an effective way for corporates to convey information to the target audience. With the option of creating group chats in WhatsApp, organizations not only have it easy in communicating organization issues, but the platform also enables continuous interaction among employers and employees. With WhatsApp business, sellers can link their numbers and customers will instantly be linked to their WhatsApp business account to make orders.

4. Telegram 

Not as popular as WhatsApp or messenger, Telegram still enjoys a great number of users, amounting to over 300 million. It is also associated with Facebook messenger and WhatsApp as an option for both. Telegram brags safety compared to other messaging platforms because of end to end encryption of messages. Business organizations can create channels in Telegram for marketing prospects. Unlike WhatsApp, there are no Telegram business accounts.

5. Snapchat

A popular platform among young people, Snapchat has over 150 million active users. Its advertising tools are amazing hence attractive to businesses. For instance, users can use your brand by applying the Snapchat lenses plus the 10-second clips are a great way to showcase your products. Snapchat messages disappear as one receives and replies, including photos and files sent. There is, however, an option to save the information you wish to. 

6. Hangouts

Google Hangouts is also a good messaging platform to communicate business affairs. It is like a side note of Gmail because when you are sending documents of communicating on Gmail, you can side note on hangouts and have fewer official conversations than email. Hangouts do not support file uploads but you can post links and also have instant messaging.

7. Viber 

Available for calls and messaging, Viber has been a pioneer in modern-day instant messaging, especially before other platforms allowed calls. Viber hosts over 1 billion active users globally, making it a popular communication platform. It is also secure with end-to-end user encryption. Businesses can set up public accounts to communicate with customers.

These are just a few of the popular instant messaging platforms available for individuals as well as businesses. Others include chat, Twitter, Skype, Microsoft Tims, zoom, among others being developed every day. The main advantage of these messaging apps is you don't have to subscribe to limited text. As long as you have internet connectivity, you are good to go. It can only get better and better as time goes.

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