Rishabh Shanbhag Reveals His Favorite iOS Tweaks

Rishabh Shanbhag Reveals His Favorite iOS Tweaks
Photo : Rishabh Shanbhag Reveals His Favorite iOS Tweaks

You may not see thorns in apple trees, but jailbreaking is a thorn that bothers Apple. It gives Apple users the freedom to tweak their Control Center, try out awesome themes, and install third-party apps. You can add docks, customize controls, and tweak animations if you know how to jailbreak your device. And to make it clear, it's completely legal to jailbreak your device. Apple cannot sue or condemn you if you jailbreak your iOS device.

Rishabh Shanbhag was one of the prominent members involved in jailbreaking earlier versions of iOS. He received an iPod Touch during his 13th birthday and ever since then, his interest in understanding the inner workings of iOS grew rapidly. This interest resulted in him wanting to explore its unknown features. Rishabh spent weeks researching how he could bypass iOS's operating system and went on to develop numerous tweaks and packages for jailbroken devices.

Jailbreaking in 2021

Jailbreaking is now more challenging than before. According to Rishabh, "With every jailbreak and every new iteration of the iOS firmware - finding a loophole or vulnerability gets more and more difficult."

Apple is trying its best to prevent coders from jailbreaking. They believe it may hamper their reputation for providing the best security because third-party apps could introduce malicious threats. Previously, the coding system was enough to breach, and jailbreakers released jailbreaks frequently. Now, the scene is a little different. The current iOS version is close to impenetrable and there are hardly any tools that can break iOS's latest version.

Rishabh's favorite iOS tweaks

Rishabh is a veteran jailbreaker now, and he is only 24. He started jailbreaking when he was 13. With over a decade of experience, which tweaks does this young jailbreaker love the most? 

In a recent interview, he revealed, "Honestly, I have to pick the classics that I remember installing during the early days of jailbreaking - iFile, WinterBoard, Activator, and Springtomize are some of the classics that I remember. At that time, you could perform a lot of enhancements to your device by combining the features provided by these packages."

Most Apple device users fear that they might "brick" their device while performing a jailbreak on their device. That's not necessarily true. Jailbreaking is safe, provided the right tools & steps are made use of. It allows you to customize your Apple device and experience a whole new world of features within a few minutes. If you don't want to continue using those features, you can reverse them any time you want.

Rishabh shares more information in regards to the jailbreaking process and the various features that it offers. He wants Apple device users to try the process at least once to explore the many facets of iOS's hidden features. "Once you try them, you may not want to reverse the features again. Most users stick to jailbreaking because they unleash the power of their devices that others can't."

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