How to Get Good in Call of Duty: Black Ops - Cold War Multiplayer

How to Get Good in Call of Duty: Black Ops - Cold War Multiplayer
Photo : How to Get Good in Call of Duty: Black Ops - Cold War Multiplayer

Call of duty multiplayer game mode allows you to enjoy the game by playing against friends through multiplayer.

And when it comes to playing friends, bragging rights are super important. No one wants to be the butt of the jokes at the next friends' hangout. It is for this reason, alongside the joy of winning, that players should learn the tips that can improve their multiplayer gaming.

How can you do this? By following this easy laid down guide to call of duty black ops cold war multiplayer.

Silencers are Important

You can afford to go into other call of duty game types without a silencer, but when playing multiplayer, never forget a silencer. 

There are different players ready to kill you once you give away your position when firing. Use silencers on your guns to keep your kills quiet and aid your movement across enemy lines.

Doesn't it also look cool seeing bodies falling without gun sounds?

Study Maps

Maps are like cheats no one takes seriously. Most people do not know the advantage knowing the map gives you.

The map has all the hidden locations, corners where you can hide, find supplies, and where you can find enemies. Everything you need to plan your tactics and ambush is on the map. 

Once you can remember the locations on the map, you'll be able to react quickly to enemies hiding in those corners, quickly pick up supplies, and even get quick ducking positions from enemy fire.

The difference is in the Trigger

Enemies are harder to kill in cold war multiplayer. The only way to ensure complete annihilation of your enemy is by holding down the trigger until the enemy has fallen.

Releasing the trigger after just a couple of shots and assuming the enemy is dead would be a costly mistake as the enemy can muster enough strength to shoot you down. This is mainly for regular weapons as long-range powerful weapons like the sniper are still capable of one-shot kills.

Camping is no More Attractive

In other multiplayer releases, camping used to be a good way to remain undetected. But in cold war multiplayer, camping would leave you detectable by UAVs.

So it is best to avoid camping when using the ghost mode chip.

Is Your Enemy Up Close? Drop the Machine Gun

The machine gun may be an attractive shooting option when it comes to call of duty because of its speed of release and aesthetics.

If effectiveness matters to you during multiplayer games, you'll drop the machine guns when your enemies are close and use a shotgun.

Shotguns are the most effective option when dealing with close enemies and shooting around the corners due to their ease of handling and weight.

Ping Your Team Always

Pinging is a way of communicating in call of duty and it is essential especially in a multiplayer game. You want to always ping your location to your teammates so they can find you.

Other things you should ping are the location of enemies, supplies for your teammates to find among other things.

Constant communication will ensure no team member is left behind.

Keep Moving, Especially When Shooting

Unless when firing from a hidden or vantage position, it is best you keep moving to make it harder for your enemies to hit you with their shots.

Even little side-to-side movements when shooting will make it difficult for enemies to hit you. This strategy is called strafing and has become an important strategy in cold war multiplayer.

Pay Attention to Audio Signals

If you can pay attention to the audio of the game, you'll pick up cues on advancing enemies and what they are doing.

Things like running, vehicle movement, and even suppressed gunshots can be heard faintly in the game. If you pay attention, you'll be able to pick up these cues and use them to your advantage in the game.

Learn Cheats

You can decide to make your multiplayer game a lot easier by applying tricks to your game. These cold war hacks can be the difference between winning a team of pros and being eliminated in a few minutes.


You can become an extraordinary cold war player defeating your opponents in multiplayer games easily by following these tips. Bear in mind that success doesn't come easy and you'll need to devote some time to mastering the game.

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