5 Best Fitness Apps for Keeping Fit in 2021

5 Best Fitness Apps for Keeping Fit in 2021
Photo : 5 Best Fitness Apps for Keeping Fit in 2021

Most people will agree that the three biggest challenges with exercise are getting started, keeping motivated, and finding a routine that works for you. Luckily, the solution to all three of these problems could be... in your pocket.

Fitness apps for smartphones are becoming increasingly popular, especially since COVID-19 forced millions of people to self-isolate and work out at home. If you're looking to get fit too, here are five of the best apps to help you achieve your goals.

1. 30 Day Fitness Challenge

As the name implies, 30 Day Fitness Challenge features month-long plans targeted at achieving specific goals - such as getting a six-pack or losing a certain amount of weight.

The challenges are actually workout plans that take your fitness goals into account. You can choose how much time you want to spend on exercise every day.

All of the exercises in your plan will feature video instruction to help you ensure you complete your workout correctly. Alongside the exercises, 30 Day Fitness Challenge also features diet plans and a helpful summary of your exercises and calories burnt.

Equipment: None needed

Cost: $9.99/month; $59.99/year

Available on: Android and iOS

2. OctaZone: Workouts by Khabib Nurmagomedov

OctaZone is a relative newcomer to the fitness app niche: the initial version hit the Apple App Store at the end of 2020.

The app was created with direct input from the undefeated UFC Champion Khabib Nurmagomedov. The athlete's involvement was more than a marketing stunt: he shared his professional weight loss and muscle building techniques, as well as providing video instructions for each exercise.

OctaZone offers personalized workout plans to suit your body type and fitness goals, building each day's session using a library of 135 workouts. Alongside a general goal, such as losing weight or building muscle, you can also choose to focus on a specific area of the body.

The exercises, demonstrated by Nurmagomedov and featuring an additional voice coach, are designed to be quick and compact, and the app is minimalistic and easy to use.

Equipment: None needed

Cost: $9.99/month; $59.99/year; $129 lifetime subscription

Available on: iOS; Android release scheduled for Spring 2021

3. McGregor FAST

This app is based on the FAST conditioning program developed by the team of MMA star Conor McGregor. It features multi-week programs with a range of goals to choose from. Based on the information you provide, FAST will recommend the best plan for you.

The FAST conditioning program splits workouts into three categories, depending on what your heart rate should be while completing the exercises. After downloading the app and signing up, new users complete a treadmill test (while using a heart rate monitor) to determine their personal heart-rate zones. These are used by the app for developing a personalized training plan.

Since equipment is required for the initial test and many of the subsequent workouts, FAST is best for users with access to a gym.

Equipment: treadmill, stationary bike, rowing machine, punching bag, heart rate monitor

Cost: $14.99/month; $99.99/year

Available on: Android and iOS

4. Freeletics

Freelectics is a comprehensive fitness solution with a bit of everything thrown in. Fitness plans - named 'journeys' in the app - are built around the fitness goals set by the user. You can also choose the frequency and length of sessions to suit your schedule.

The app features digital coaching that continually adapts your training plan based on your experiences and feedback. Video instruction is available for all of the workouts.

Depending on your preference, the app can suggest exercises with or without equipment, or a mixture of both. It's therefore a good choice both for users with no access to exercise machines and those with a home gym looking for a more varied workout plan.

For an additional fee, Freelectics offers nutrition support and custom meal plans.

Equipment: None needed/depends on your preference

Cost: $34.99/3 months; $59.99/6 months; $74.99/year

Available on: Android and iOS

5. Better Me: Home Workout & Diet

Similar to Freelectics in many ways, Better Me aims to provide a complete set of tools for keeping fit at home. At the core of the app are personalized workouts focusing on your 'problem zones' - the areas of your body you want to improve.

For the exercises themselves, there's a wide variety of fitness activities available, including yoga and guided running. The water intake tracker, calorie tracker, and step counter are included in the app to provide you with additional insights about your wellness and activity level.

The app also features meal plans with video recipes to make regulating your calorie and nutrient intake easier.

Equipment: None needed

Cost: $4.99/week; $29.99/3 months; $120/year

Available on: Android and iOS


Picking the right fitness app for you will depend on your individual needs and expectations as well as access to a home gym. If you're looking for a comprehensive fitness solution, pick an app that includes a diet plan and calorie counter - and if exercising is all you're interested in, keep it simple with a straight-forward workout app. Either way, your smartphone will make it infinitely easier to stay motivated and keep fit.  

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