Where in Canada You`ll Be Able to Purchase a Fully Adjustable Workspace

Where in Canada You`ll Be Able to Purchase a Fully Adjustable Workspace
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You might have heard about all the benefits for your physical and mental health that an adjustable desk brings. But where can you get such a fully adjustable workspace if you live in Canada?

Of course, you can go directly to the nearest furniture shop and buy a desk that suits you. But what if local shops don't sell these furniture pieces in the place where you live? Or what if there, you cannot find the model you need? The solution is simple: check online. Make sure you find all the available options and compare offers.

There are several reliable suppliers on whose websites you can choose and purchase a good height-adjustable item for your office.

Progressive Desk Canada

If you want to buy a progressive desk in Canada that complies with all possible requirements and demands, this shall be the manufacturer of your choice. On the company website, you can find desks of all types.

If you have a small office or even a small corner to work, look for a corner-desk or a small item to accommodate your computer only. Make sure the shape is suitable and the design doesn't break the interior décor.

For a big office space, choose a desk to accommodate everything that you need for work. Different shapes and sizes of desks are available. If you still cannot find the needed model, order a customized desk.

Don't hesitate to use a special tool online called desk builder to create your own desk online before you purchase it.


This is one more company that makes standing desks. If you live in Canada, you can take advantage of Ergonofis products. As you can guess from the company name, the enterprise is focused on ergonomic features of their items.

The company offers desks for three main style directions. However, if you don't find the needed option, you can get a customized product. It will be more expensive than a model that is sold commonly.

The items are made from natural materials and allow for top comfort and functionality. The idea of the team is that every working place shall be nice enough to enjoy the work you are doing.


AnthroDesk is known for making comfortable, functional, and durable standing desks. The company focuses not only on desk production and supply. AnthroDesk believes that a perfect office shall be perfect in everything. Thus, in their online store, you can get all the needed accessories to complete the arrangement of your office.

Whatever you buy from AnthroDesk, you can be confident that you are getting items of top quality.

How to Choose a Standing Desk

It doesn't matter from which company you are going to make such an important purchase, choose your desk very carefully. Even if the best item isn't selected properly, it will not bring the expected result, and working at it will not bring any positive experience.

Thus, before purchasing an adjustable desk, check the following details:

  • The item shall have sufficient lifting power to be able to lift and lower all the devices that you use for work. If you use several monitors or equipment that is usually not applied, consider choosing a desk with a higher lifting power value. If you aren't sure of what to choose, consult with a company representative and ask him/her to calculate the needed lifting power for your specific case.
  • The desk shall move up and down at a distance sufficient to allow you to work comfortably. In the sitting position, your elbows shall be bent under an angle of 90 degrees. The back shall be straight and rest in its natural position. The feet shall rest on the floor. In the standing position, all the mentioned requirements are kept. Just the legs shall be slightly bent in knees to allow you to shift from one leg to another when you are getting tired.
  • The desk size is important if you can assign to your desk a limited space. Measure accurately the place and choose a desk that fits in it. If you have a spacy office, this parameter might be not important at all.
  • The travel speed is crucial if you don't want to waste 20-30 minutes every day just on lifting and lowering the desk. It is wasted time that you could have otherwise spent on work or rest.
  • Noise generation level is important if you are distracted by every sound. The more silently the system moves the better it is for you.

Final Thoughts

If you live in Canada, you have a lot of options to choose from. Check the suppliers, make sure they can offer the most beneficial conditions. Select a model that you believe is the best for you and purchase it.

Usually, the items are delivered directly to your home. Assemble the item and enjoy it. 

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