Want To Prepare Your Car for Resale? Read This!

Want To Prepare Your Car for Resale? Read This!
Photo : Want To Prepare Your Car for Resale? Read This!

Selling a car can be a tricky business. Ideally, you want to sell it for as high as possible, but on the other hand, you probably don't want to spend too much cash in the process of doing it up.

Some people don't bother even washing their car before advertising it for sale: they just list their vehicle, hoping that somebody is interested enough to make an offer. If you own a wreck, this isn't a bad policy to have. Still, if the car is a standard model, it makes sense to put a bit of time and effort into making it a more attractive proposition for a potential buyer. 

Yes, you may have to spend a bit of money fixing problems and tidying them up. Still, you should command a better resale price as a result, which will cover your expenses and a bit more besides. So what little things are worth doing before advertising a car for sale?

Read this article completely to find out. 

Valet the Car

Sounds obvious, but a clean and fresh-smelling car will be more attractive to buyers than a car smelling of wet dogs. A pristine vehicle is indicative of an owner who cares. After all, if you can't be bothered to wash and vacuum your car, perhaps you couldn't be bothered to service it or replace worn parts either?

If car washing is not your thing, consider asking a local auto shop to valet it for you. They will do a much better job than you ever could, plus they will clean out the interior and remove any nasty stains if necessary. Most valet companies don't charge that much, and if it helps you secure a sale, a valet will be money well spent.


Cars that have been regularly serviced are more attractive to buyers. Hopefully, yours has been serviced regularly. You have a full-service history to back up your claims, but if it is due to a service, make sure you have this done before you advertise it for sale.

Needless to say, your car's service will also increase its selling price. I would run for more kilometers and will start more smoothly. After the last service, make sure the following car components are working perfectly:

  • Car headlights

  • Brake pads and brushes

  • Proper Wheel Alignment

  • Proper Functioning struts

  • Clean air filters and radiators

We have listed these components because they are easy to be missed out on by the owner and can be caught by the potential buyer. You don't want to be shown a worn-out rear brake pad after you have assured the buyer that your car has just been thoroughly serviced. 

Tune-up the Engine

High-performance cars will benefit from an engine tune-up before a sale. The better the engine sounds, the easier it is to encourage buyers to pay top dollar for the vehicle. You don't necessarily need to pay a garage to give your car engine a thorough going over. Cheap engine cleaning products such as BG 44K can produce excellent results.

Fit New Tires

Worn tires are a turn-off for buyers, so it is worth paying to have worn tires replaced before you advertise your car. You can use second-hand tires as a replacement too, make sure the tread is visible. That will be enough to convince the buyer that the car's tires are in good condition. 

Once you are ready to sell your car, make sure you advertise it on several platforms to maximize its exposure.

Final Word

If you're selling your car just because you want to get rid of it, you will face issues finding the right buyer. 

Instead, if you focus on getting your car serviced, ensure all the components are working fine (as discussed in this article) and advertise it in the right places, the selling process will be smooth. 

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