10 Tips and Tricks for Better Online Streaming

10 Tips and Tricks for Better Online Streaming
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Streaming platforms have gotten ample attention thanks to the lockdown. With the closure of theaters around the world, people have moved to online streaming platforms to access their favorite content.

According to the Streaming Rant, streaming platforms will soon take over linear TV. Due to the popularity of the streaming platforms, all the most awaited movies are being released on the streaming platforms.

Almost every individual these days owns a subscription to at least one streaming platform. We are unveiling the 10 tips and tricks in this blog that can make your online streaming experience better.

#10 Streaming Platform based on Content-Type

What type of content do you want to stream? Choose your streaming platform according to the desired content type, be it Sports, movies, news, or TV Shows. Different streaming platforms offer you better one-type content than the other types. So, always opt for the streaming platform based on your preferred content type.

#9 Set up different Profiles

Popular streaming platforms like Netflix, Disney Plus, and Prime Video let you set up multiple profiles while using the same account.

You can set up different profiles to keep your search history, recommendations, etc customized according to your taste. So, that each user will only use his/her profile to watch shows and movies according to their taste and get the relevant suggestions.

#8 Mark the Already Watched Content

Many streaming platforms have this built-in feature that lets you know if you have previously watched a movie or TV show or not. Some of them give you the option to mark the content as watched, and lets you put a thumbs up or thumbs down on the content title.

You can maintain your own profile better by marking the already watched content as seen and putting thumbs up on your favorite content and thumbs down on the content that you don't wish to see in the future.

#7 Streaming Platform based on the Original Content

While opting to subscribe to a streaming platform, go through their list of originals. The catch with the streaming platforms originals is that they are exclusively available on the parent streaming site.

If you are a fan of Netflix originals, then you won't find those originals in the Disney+ library, and vice versa. So, there's no point in subscribing to a service that does not have your favorite original shows and movies in its content library. Choose wisely!

#6 Offline Watch Feature

We all experience slow internet at one point or another during streaming. There's nothing more annoying than seeing the buffering sign while streaming after every 10 seconds. Sometimes, you won't even have access to the internet.

To save yourself in situations like these, always download your favorite TV shows and movies for offline viewing. Most streaming platforms including Netflix, Disney+, Hulu, Prime Video, etc give the liberty to download the content titles in their libraries for offline viewing. This will save you from boredom during your bad or no internet days.

#5 Watch Previews

Streaming Platforms like Netflix offer a convenient feature, i.e., the watch preview. Always watch the short previews to get a sense of the TV show or movie you plan to watch. A watch preview will clear your mind about whether to watch a specific content title or not.

#4 Kids Content

Streaming Platforms also offer a separate content section dedicated to the children's content. You can set up a kids account where they can watch their favorite cartoon shows and movies, and you wouldn't have to worry about them accessing the adult content.

Platforms like Netflix, Zee5, Disney+, and Prime Video, etc offer a dedicated Kids section for a customized streaming experience.

#3 Audio Description

Audio Description is another handy tool that is available on most streaming platforms. It is different from the subtitles, as the audio description shows what is happening on the screen. Audio Descriptions provide the descriptions of the voiceovers and are available in multiple languages depending on the content and streaming platform.

#2 Enable Subtitles

Subtitles and captions are always a nice option for online streaming as it improves your streaming experience. Moreover, many popular shows on various platforms are only available in their native language.

If you don't understand that language and there's no dub available, you can always rely on the subtitles. Subtitles help you understand the content better as sometimes the different accents can get trickier, but the captions eliminate that problem.

#1 Check Reviews & Ratings of Content Titles

Always ensure to check the ratings and reviews of a movie or TV show before watching it. When you dedicate your precious time to a movie or a TV show, it should be according to your taste and should be good enough to give you a nice streaming experience.

It is always suggested to go through two to three reviews and check the IMDb rating of a content title, rather than giving your hours of watch and regretting at the end. Reviews & ratings always help in making your streaming experience a lot better.


We have given a list of the top ten tips and tricks to improve your online streaming experience. You can use the above-mentioned tips to have the best streaming experience and enjoy watching your favorite content without any hassles.

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