Why Are Women Turned on by Exclusive Cars?

Why Are Women Turned on by Exclusive Cars?
Photo : Why Are Women Turned on by Exclusive Cars?

Conventional wisdom implies that good-looking women expect men to have extravagant cars in order to consider them as potential sex partners. We examine whether this opinion is a myth or fact.

What is more attractive for women - you or your car?

A lot of times, guys who are trying to pick up women will proudly show their car. Depending on the context, this could be a winning move or a disaster. Not all women are equally easy to impress and to be honest, regular cars aren't all that worth bragging about. If you own a normal vehicle that's been on the road for a few years, you probably have a better chance of making an impression if you stick to your achievements, life experience, and natural charm. However, the conversation changes totally if you have a mean machine in the parking lot, and as a proud owner of an exclusive model, you will be instantly seen as an attractive catch by single ladies or cheating wives especially on wivesgowild, platform for those who are looking for a new discreet relationship in free time. This site helps people to find a new partner and not to harm your marriage. Cars are extensions of our personalities.

Automobiles have a practical purpose, but they have a lot of symbolic value as well. It's fair to say that someone's choice of a vehicle tells a lot about that person's style and preferences. Those who buy safe and economical cars are likely responsible but a little dull. On the other hand, a man who is able and willing to spend a small fortune on a flamboyant sports car is definitely someone living life in the fast lane - and that is sexy as hell. It's no coincidence that some of the richest and most charming playboys always arrive at the party in a fabulous ride, and they make sure their entrance is noticed!

Top 5 exclusive cars to impress women

Numerous models of powerful sports cars leave a strong impression, but some of the classic speedster with famous brand names are topping the list. Here are a few suggestions.

  • Porsche 911

This iconic 2-door convertible is one of the most recognizable status symbols your money can buy. Porsche 911 has been on the market since 1964 and still remains in high demand due to its unmatched combination of grace, power, and speed. With a rear-mounted engine and a low center of gravity, this vehicle literally hugs the road and has been very successful at racing. New models cost well over 100,000 EUR, so despite its popularity, this car remains quite rare.

  • Honda NSX

While Honda is usually associated with cheap cars, this Japanese manufacturer also has a hugely successful high-performance model to offer. Various incarnations of the NSX are available since the early 1990s, gradually adopting more powerful V engines with up to 600 horsepowers and refining the aerodynamic design of the chassis. The body is made of ultralight but robust materials, which improves its top speed and makes it well suited for driving under difficult conditions.

  • Ford Mustang (oldie but goldie)

If you have a weakness for American-made cars and enjoy a bit of retro style, Ford Mustang could be the right kind of sports car for you. First launched in the mid-60s, this model has seen 6 different generations and has been used for racing extensively. Its recognizable design with 2 doors and a long hood makes Ford Mustang a timeless classic and adds to its reputation as an aphrodisiac for women of any age.

  • BMW Z4

Driving a BMW signals power, style, and personal charisma, especially if you own one of the more upscale models like the Z4. This car brings together superb technical characteristics and incredible comfort with its elegant curves and incredibly strong engine. The latest models come with a retractable roof, so you can enjoy the ride in any weather. Available in roadster and coupe form, this vehicle is a fantastic choice - if you can afford it.

  • Aston Martin D89

People looking for a different luxury car could show their taste by choosing the best sports car from Aston Martin. This UK-made vehicle was first presented to the world in 2003 and represented the perfect marriage of practicality and exuberance. Equipped with a V12 engine and leather-covered interiors, D89 gives its owner a unique feeling of absolute confidence. Needless to say, being an owner of such a beautiful car gives you an upper hand with the ladies.

The numbers confirm it - women do like expensive cars

Whether we like it or not, men who drive luxury cars tend to have more success than women. Since there is no point in arguing against it, accepting this fact is the best that an average guy can do. Sports cars cost a lot of money and come as rewards for success, so instead of being disappointed in women for liking shiny things, boys should get busy and try to earn a 4-wheel toy of this kind.

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