3 Classic Games That Are Now Available Online

3 Classic Games That Are Now Available Online
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While modern board game design has created a lot of opportunities to explore new games, it is hard to turn down an invitation to play a classic game. Typically, everyone already knows the rules of these games, so it is easy to get together and start quickly... For those that want to enjoy these classic games but cannot be together physically, modern technology has fortunately made it easy for anyone to quickly jump into a game. And this article will go over three of those options.


While you will not experience the typical yelling and screaming that is involved with a game of Pictionary, everything else that you can expect from the game is available on this website. The game will select one person to create a drawing, let that person pick from three items and then give the person eighty seconds to make their drawing with 10 different color choices. You can choose to play with strangers or organize a private room with a few friends. A private room will let you choose the words that are in the game and customize the length of the game. A public room is automatically set at eighty seconds and three rounds.


The simple, yet complicated word game Scrabble can be played against a computer or against a friend. Both versions have a timer that ticks down, but it does not automatically end your turn if you do not play a word in time. So you can take all the time you want to find the perfect word that will give you the highest score. That means everyone can get a 50 point "ow."


Just in case you don't feel like playing against a computer opponent and your friends are not available for a game, you can quickly jump into a game of Solitaire by yourself. Solitaire Paradise has some solitaire versions that give you a Wildcard option to help you get through the games quickly. It also has the classics such as spider solitaire. Just pick your favorite solitaire game and jump right in!

Not having the possibility to be physically together does not mean you are out of gaming options. Thanks to modern web design technology, all you have to do is find a good time for you and/or your friends to jump in and just start a game. So what are you waiting for? Get your game on now!

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