The Best and Worst Weapons in CS:GO

The Best and Worst Weapons in CS:GO
Photo : The Best and Worst Weapons in CS:GO

Since the game's beginning, the main focus of Counter Strike has always been available weaponry. The best players achieve their position in the rankings not only through their skills and dedication but also because they are able to choose the right tool for the job.

Check out which weapons will bring you the best results and which can make you lose.


This powerful sniper rifle became an icon of the Counter Strike series. Since day one, its range and power could make a player an unstoppable force on the battlefield. It's the only in-game weapon that allows you to do a body hit on an enemy with a single shot. While it costs an arm and a leg, an experienced player will definitely get their money's worth when choosing this deadly weapon.

Players who wish to wield this monster should be wary of its slow reload time, though. Not hitting the bullseye might result in a quick demise of the wielder from the opponent's hand. Other than that, the AWP is an undisputed queen of the battlefield when used correctly. It may single-handedly change the outcome of the match.


A rival to the T's AK-47, the M4A4 is a great weapon that does it all. While it doesn't do as much damage as the AK, its usefulness lies in its low recoil, which makes it the perfect choice for new players. It can stand on its own when it comes to both ranged fire-fights and mid to close fights.

Anyone who plays CT should spend time mastering this gun, as it's one of the most versatile ones in the game. It can't one-shot the head if the enemy wears armor, but it certainly makes up for it with its other qualities. If you wish to make your m4a4 fancier, you should also check out sites like Skinwallet, where you can easily get your hands on some of the coolest skins for your in-game loadout.


Believed by many to be the best weapon in Counter Strike, the AK-47 is an undisputed fan favorite. Packing serious damage, it can easily mow down unarmored targets, as well as put down those wearing armor if the user can bullseye the head. It's a versatile all-rounder with a good range and excellent close combat efficiency. It's not pricey and its rate of fire makes it deadly on short distances. Sadly, only the Ts can start with it, but if you're a lucky CT, you might be able to pick one up from a fallen enemy and bring the fight to them - if you can handle the recoil, of course.

Dual Berettas

While going akimbo on your foes may tingle that little primal part of your brain, it's really not the best strategy in CS:GO, if you're planning on playing competitively. It looks cool, but unfortunately, there is not much else to this choice of weaponry. Dual Berettas fall short in most aspects. With a long reload time, lousy accuracy, and meager damage, they are not worth their in-game price. The only positive thing that could be said about them is the decent amount of ammo they come with, but you'll probably waste it all trying to emulate Max Payne in a multiplayer match.


Similar to Dual Berettas, the M249 value lies mainly in the possibility to step in the shoes of your favorite action movie heroes. This clunky piece of metal could have been an excellent choice for holding the enemy at bay, were it not for its awful inaccuracy. In a game dominated by precise headshots, trying to play Rambo is the worst thing you can attempt, if you value your K/D ratio. The small magazine and the ridiculous price tag it comes with make it one of the worst choices a new player can make when attempting to raise their rank.


This submachine gun does not live up to its name or appearance. Despite looking relatively dangerous, it has very little armor penetration damage. It's not expensive and comes with a lot of ammo and a decent fire rate, but its usefulness comes to an end when a wave of enemies attacks you head-on. If you, for some reason, find yourself wielding this poor excuse for a gun, be sure to empty your magazines while flanking your opponents - it will give you the best chance of hitting anybody, as its accuracy is abysmal.

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