Indiegogo to Start Shipping TCL's Breeva Air Purifier Range This June 2021

Indiegogo to start shipping TCL's breeva Air Purifier Range This June 2021
Photo : Indiegogo to start shipping TCL's breeva Air Purifier Range This June 2021

To cope with increasing demand for their air purifier range, leading consumer electronics brand and tech company, TCL, has partnered with crowd-funder Indiegogo who will start shipping their air purifier products this June.

Air pollution is on the rise both indoors and out. As such the demand for air purifiers is at an all-time high. The air you breathe must be as free of pollutants as possible. The benefits of air purifiers are well documented. Not only do they eliminate harmful chemicals and neutralize unpleasant and everyday odors caused by cooking and pets, but they also relieve symptoms of allergy sufferers by eradicating pollen and dust and improving the air quality of your living room, bedroom, and home.

The TCL breeva Air Purifier is guaranteed to capture 99.97% of allergens and pollutants in your home. They will help everyone lead a healthy life and are particularly useful for a pet lover. TCL has two models of its breeva Air Purifier, the breeva A2 and breeva A3. Both models have up to 246 feet of coverage and both are capable of purifying the air of allergens, bacteria, viruses, mold, pollen, pet dander, dust, germs, and bad odors.

Both models are Smart Control products. They are Wi-Fi enabled, have ambient light, Whisper-quiet sleep mode, 36-degree whole house wind circulation, duo air quality sensors, adjust air quality automatically, and work seamlessly with Alexa and Google via the TCL Home app. The A2 model also has an effective air humidifier.

However, the most dramatic difference between the TCL breeva Air Purifier and other models on the marketplace is that the purifier is integrated with UV-C to sterilize pollution. It has been awarded the UV-C sterilization certification from renowned laboratory SGS, which guarantees unparalleled results and the highest air quality.

Its outstanding design values combined with the latest technology deliver a truly meaningful and memorable experience.

A TCL spokesperson explained, "Being at the center of the booming smart home market entailed we were in a prime position to gauge customer feedback throughout the design process of the TCL breeva Air Purifier. By utilizing innovation and a user-centric strategy we are left with a product we are extremely proud of and one we think will prove extremely popular."

The spokesperson added, "During the spring season everybody's thoughts turn to the spring season and air purification should be top of your list if you and your family want to breathe oxygen and healthy and moist air. Healthy air equates to a healthy life and air purifiers have so many benefits. They refresh stale air, but can also neutralize the common pollutants which can trigger respiratory infections or neurological problems. They can also relieve the symptoms of

asthma by neutralizing the air pollutants that can aggravate the condition. It's a little-known fact that air purifiers can also improve sleep by improving the quality of life of allergy sufferers, and because air pollution can affect your cardiac system, they can also increase life expectancy. In the final analysis, both the individual and the environment are winners with an air purifier."

The TCL breeva Air Purifier has also been awarded a CADR (Clean Air Deliver Rate) of 293.4 m³/h during an Air Virus Elimination Effect test. It's CADR rating gives it an Energy Star designation and extra reassurance for buyers during these troubled times. 

With prices on Indiegogo retailing at $109 for the TCL breeva A2, and $119 for the TCL breeva A3, and an estimated shipping date for June, it looks like the air quality everywhere is due to improve dramatically.

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