What Are Some of the Best 3D Printing Applications?

What Are Some of the Best 3D Printing Applications?
Photo : What Are Some of the Best 3D Printing Applications?

Today you can easily create a design and then transform into a physical object you can hold and touch. You can for example use CNC machining services in order to do this, although these processes are not always the most suitable options. Instead you could also decide to use custom 3D printing, which is used in a lot of industries already nowadays. Because of that, additive manufacturing, as it can be called too, has been used for lots of different applications too. Below you can find a few examples of these 3D printing applications. 

Architecture industry

Architects have long used CAD software to design, but until recently models had to be made by hand. Making models is now a piece of cake for architects, the digital design can be made tangible in no time with a 3D printer. But very interesting things are already being done with large-scale 3D printing. Inventor Enrico Dini designed a 3D printer that can print all possible shapes using only natural materials, namely sand and a binding agent made from seawater. Furthermore, in Mexico a village has already been created that consists of nothing else than 3D printed houses. Click here to learn more about the Top Free CAD Software for 3D printing beginners.

3D printing and gadgets

Have you ever had ideas for cool gadgets? Often we know exactly what we would think is cool to have, but it remains a fantasy because actually creating a new product is a long process and an expensive job. And of course not everyone has the knowledge to develop a new product. Because 3D printing is increasingly within reach for a large group of people, the craziest ideas have a much better chance of being realized. You do not even necessarily need to own your own 3D printer to experiment, as you could also send your design to a 3D printing service.

3D printing Fashion products

The fashion industry has discovered 3D printing as well. Shoes have already been made with the help of a 3D printer by Adidas for example, while designers have even created entire dresses by using additive manufacturing as the production technique. For haute couture designer Iris van Herpen, 3D printing is the perfect tool to realize designs that are impossible to make by hand. The technique not only offers the possibility to create extreme designs, but personalization is also possible when you own a 3D printer. Because of this, clothes can be personalized and customized so the design and fit is even better for the customer.

3D printing in the Entertainment industry

Have you ever seen a clay animation movie or show? Imagine the incredible amount of work it takes to make a small adjustment each time, for example in the facial expressions of the figures. Modern animation makers prove that digital and handicraft can very well go hand in hand. With the help of 3D printers, small parts are printed in these animation films and combined with manual work. More than 8000 different mouths have been printed in The Pirates for example! Great ideas can be realized easier and faster with a 3D printer. Did you know that Iron Man's suit is 3D printed too? And what about James Bond's 3D-printed car?


Many designers have already discovered 3D printing and use 3D printing not only to make prototypes, but also as a production method to create salable products. Additive manufacturing offers the option to make unique products or small series without high start-up costs. Not to mention that this technique offers enormous freedom of design, no other production method can compete with that at all. Because of this, 3D printing is perfect when you want to add some unique design objects to your interior for example. 

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