Top 10 Android Apps to Unleash your Creativity

Top 10 Android Apps to Unleash your Creativity
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We all have mental barriers at times. Sometimes we often struggle to find an answer to an issue. As a result, we have difficulty thinking creatively or reviving our creativity after a busy workday. Thus, You can improve your creativity by using a few tried-and-true techniques, such as altering your environment, exercising your mind, or making a deliberate attempt to maintain your positive thoughts. Whether your career is reliant on your creativity or you've just concluded that life would be less exciting without it, you can also use your mobile phone to spark your imagination. 

Indeed, several applications are available for iOS and Android that might help you be more creative. You may utilize many of them daily to keep your imagination sharp. Moreover, you might consult them when you're feeling stuck and in need of some inspiration. In this article, you will discover some of our favorite applications for connecting with your inner artist, designer, photographer, or writer.


If you're looking to generate new ideas or organize existing ones, Ideament could be the app for you. It's compatible with iOS and Windows and is ideal for making drawings, mind maps, network diagrams, or flow charts and transferring them to text outlines (or vice versa). In addition, you can toggle between drawings and sketches and save or share your diagrams using the app's cloud-based functionality.


Designers and artists may always benefit from reviewers, which is an excellent source of inspiration. Behance is one of the most powerful applications for discovering this kind of motivation. You can download Behance for Android or iOS to search and browse through thousands of designs in fashion, typography, art, cinematography, and graphic design.

Tayasui Sketches

Tayasui Sketches can well be the ideal software for you if you're a designer or artist who fine-tunes fresh ideas via doodling and drawing. The program, which is available for iOS, Android, and Mac, encourages users to "forget about the machine" and "experience the feel of painting on paper." You can use the app to produce anything from basic sketches to stunning drawings and mehndi designs. Moreover, since it is so user-friendly, you can use it to increase your creativity regardless of whether you are a newbie or an expert.


VSCO helps you take and edit aesthetic wallpaper and serves as a source of inspiration due to its global community. VSCO describes itself as an "expression community," It provides photographers with a simple method to make excellent photographs and interact with other creative individuals and find new work that might inspire their creativity.


Blek is among the few smartphone games that look and feels artistic. Blek, which is available on Android and iOS, has a straightforward objective: build a line that connects all the colorful spheres while avoiding black holes. Due to the game's open-ended nature, it's an excellent tool for sparking your imagination and experimenting with new ways of thinking.


Coffitivity excels at one task: recreating the ambient noises of a café. This is based on studies demonstrating that such background noises do stimulate the brain's creativity.

We're not sure about the science behind this, but we do know some people who claim to do their best work at coffee shops. If that is you, then preparing your coffee beverages at home and utilizing this free app for ambiance will undoubtedly be less expensive than a day at Starbucks.


Procreate is a multi-award-winning painting application created particularly for professionals to fulfill their ideas and create stunning drawings, thought-provoking paintings, and outstanding drawings directly on their iPad. Procreate includes over a hundred handmade tools, ranging from pencils and colored pencils to spray paint and pastels, all of which let designers add excellent refinement and depth to their work.


When cooperation with others is required, the curator excels. According to its claim, it is the number one tool for keeping your creativity on track. The app enables you to generate visual notes, gather and organize ideas, hone your visual storytelling abilities, build mood boards, and export or share them directly. It's ideal for preparing and delivering presentations based on a visual reference library.


Often, the issue is not producing ideas but organizing them into something that would function. Therefore, if you have lots of disorganized, free-floating thoughts that don't appear to link, mind mapping may be beneficial.

At a basic level, a mind map is a graphic that connects disparate concepts, represented by words and visuals, that aids in their comprehension. There is often a primary thought in the center and related ideas flowing out from it. However, there are no hard and fast rules: do what works for you.

SimpleMind is an excellent program for mind mapping on your computer, tablet, or phone, and it's simple to switch between devices. The option to make an invisible note (so you can add lengthy texts without cluttering your mind map), the ability to make voice memos on iPhone, iPad, and Android, and the ability to upload video on iPhone and iPad are all excellent features.

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