5 Benefits of Mobile Apps for Insurance Companies

5 Benefits of Mobile Apps for Insurance Companies
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With the increasing growth in the number of smartphone users all around the world, more and more people are using mobile apps for a variety of purposes, and buying insurance policies is no exception. In the recent couple of years, advanced mobile tech has totally changed the way insurance companies manage their operations and sell policies. With help of agility and convenience offered by mobile applications, insurance companies are more likely to reach their target audience effectively and generate more leads. From insurance applications that make the claim process easier, to insurance agency productivity apps that help agents stay connected to their companies, mobile apps can play a significant role in the success and growth of insurance agencies.

There are several benefits of going mobile in the insurance sector and here is a detailed insight on some of them.

Instantly Generate Insurance Quotes & Finalize Deals

With the help of insurance mobile apps and insurance-specific proprietary software solution, insurance agencies can quickly generate quotes and close more deals while interacting with their customers. In this way, insurance agents can create multiple quotes as per their individual needs. When customers are responded in real time and are provided with relevant information, they are more likely to purchase insurance from your company. As a result, insurance companies are better able to grow a loyal customer base.

Simplifying Claims Processing

Whether it is the matter of general contractor insurance or health insurance policy, mobile insurance apps make the claiming process easier and hassle free. It not only eliminates the stress for insurance customers but reduces the workload of insurance workers as well to free up more time for productive things like acquiring new customers. Consumers can use their mobile devices like smartphones or Tablet PCs to capture images in case of an unforeseen event or accident and send it to the insurance provider to kick start the claim process. Furthermore, inventory management apps are also used by insurance companies that allow customers to take pictures of their inventories and assets to create the catalog to provide product details with price info. These details are used by insurance companies in claim processes when assets or products are damaged.

Improved Knowledge of Insurance Agents

Since mobile devices are easy to carry and use, insurance mobile apps can be used by insurance agents to educate customers regarding insurance benefits, quotes, and claim processes etc. Companies can upload training materials and other data to mobile apps so agents can easily access them anytime anywhere depending on their needs and requirements. Insurance agents can use their smartphones or tablet PCs to open apps and use the materials to educate customers accordingly in real time.

Usage-Based Insurance (UBI)

Telematics is an advanced technology used by insurance providers to get real time data of customers to provide them with policies and offers as per their usage and habits. For instance, auto insurance providers can install a sensor on a customer's vehicle to get insights about the driving habits and behavior of auto insurance customers. The insurance customers found to drive perfectly and sensible to get best auto insurance details with lowest premiums through mobile insurance applications. It encourages the customers to drive carefully to get the best deals and helps insurance companies to save a lot of bucks on a reduced rate of compensation.

Competitive Edge

We are living in the modern era of technology where consumers want required information and details right on their mobile devices. They usually use search engines or mobile apps to get data or information they need in day-to-day life. The same goes with the insurance sector. Modern consumers want online insurance quotes on their smartphones. This is where investing in mobile insurance apps can come into play. When customers get required information from your side whenever they want, they are more likely to stick to your brand. It helps you stand out from competitors to secure more leads and convert more. By providing an excellent and consistent app experience, you can grab the attention of more insurance customers to sell more policies.

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