3 External Professionals You Need For Your Tech Start-up

3 External Professionals You Need For Your Tech Start-up
Photo : 3 External Professionals You Need For Your Tech Start-up

If you've just started your tech start-up, it's very possible you and some colleagues do everything yourselves. You're both the engineers, designers, marketeers ... In the beginning, it's good to have a varied skill set to make your company grow. At some point, nevertheless, this will make you drown in work. If you have the budget, that's the moment you can hire some external consultants to take on jobs you don't like or aren't good at or just jobs that take up too much time. These are the 3 external consultants we think every tech start-up needs.

1. An accountant

There are very few people that enjoy and/or are good at doing their taxes. There's just so much paperwork .... If you're struggling hours and hours after work for days at a time, it might be handy to hire an accountant. For one, they know exactly how to do your taxes in the exact way that is financially beneficial to you. Secondly, they work with super handy tax programs that cost an arm and a leg for professionals, but allow them to do your taxes efficiently. And thirdly, hiring an accountant can free up so much of your time. Just imagine what you could do with all the time you usually spend doing your taxes! 

2. A marketing partner

Marketing is a field of its own. While many services are fairly easy to do - think of putting Ads on Facebook, you might spend a lot of time and money without seeing any results. You wouldn't be the first one to write good content for your website, only to get stuck on place 47 in Google. Or maybe you notice you spend hundreds of dollars every month on Ads that have no return on investment. Luckily, a marketing freelancer of a marketing agency can help you out. They can work out a SEO strategy and make sure you actually attract customers with your advertisements.

3. A debt collection agency

Making money is loads of fun. But what if you send out bills that bounce? Or if you can't reach one or even many of your clients anymore? Then it's time to partner up with a collection agency (Dutch: incassobureau). They can track down your clients and make them pay. They can even send a bailiff to seize assets. In case all of that doesn't work out, they can also help you take your case to appeal (Dutch: hoger beroep). 

Which consultants do you use for your company? 

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