Best Solution To Transfer WhatsApp from Android to iPhone

Whenever we purchase a new phone, the first thing most of us like to do is activate WhatsApp on it and transfer the chat history from our old phone to the new one. The WhatsApp transfer process is straightforward if both phones are of the same OS, i.e., Android to Android (via Google Drive) or iPhone to iPhone (via iCloud). But the situation becomes difficult when you want to transfer WhatsApp from Android to iPhone. There is no built-in method provided by WhatsApp to facilitate this cross-platform transfer. But other methods can serve the job effectively. In this guide, we will learn about two methods, i.e., email chat approach and iCareFone for WhatsApp Transfer, and see which one suits best to you. 

Part 1. Can I Transfer WhatsApp From Android To iPhone Using Google Drive?

No, you can't use Google Drive to transfer WhatsApp data from Android to iPhone. Google Drive is meant to back up and restore WhatsApp data from Android phone to Android phone. On the other hand, iCloud is the official WhatsApp backup and restore medium for iPhone. So, you cannot restore Google Drive backup in iPhone. Besides that, iOS is a different system compared to Android with a different encryption strategy that does not follow with Google Drive. Therefore, there is no direct or indirect way to transfer WhatsApp from Android to iPhone via Google Drive.

Part 2. Can I Move WhatsApp from Android To iPhone Via Email Chat?

Although you cannot use WhatsApp backup approach to move WhatsApp from Android to iPhone, still you can use its "Export" function to email selective chats to yourself. So, what you can do is you can email chats from your Android WhatsApp to your email address, and then access those chats from your iPhone by logging into the same email account. Follow the below steps to transfer WhatsApp chats from Android to iPhone via email chat approach:

  1. Open WhatsApp on your Android phone and go to any chat that you like to email. 

  2. Click the 3-dots icon from the top right corner, click "More", and then click "Export chat". 

  3. Pick either "Without Media" or "Include Media" depending on your preference. 

  4. Select "Gmail" as the export medium. In the Gmail interface, write your email address and hit the send button. 

  5. Access the same email account from your iPhone and download the chat. 

The email chat approach presents a possible way to transfer WhatsApp data, but there are some disadvantages of this method. You can view the chats only in the text file, which cannot be transferred to iPhone WhatsApp. In addition, you have to manually email chats one by one, which is also time-consuming. In short, this approach is not meant to transfer entire WhatsApp data. 

Part 3. Can I Transfer WhatsApp From Android To iPhone Via Third-Party Tool?

Google Drive backup cannot get transferred to iPhone, while the email chat approach is also inefficient. So, you might probably be thinking is there even a way to transfer WhatsApp chats from Android to iPhone flawlessly? This is where Tenorshare iCareFone for WhatsApp Transfer comes into action. 

iCareFone is an intelligently designed WhatsApp transfer tool that makes WhatsApp transfer from Android to iPhone a hassle-free process. It is reputed for its fast, errorless, and efficient transfer approach via a user-friendly and click-based interface.  

How to Transfer WhatsApp Data From Android To iPhone Using iCareFone?

Follow the below simple steps to quickly transfer WhatsApp messages from Android to iPhone using iCareFone:

Step 1. Launch and Set Up iCareFone 

Download and install the "iCareFone for WhatsApp Transfer" tool on your PC or Mac and launch the program. Connect both your Android and iPhone devices with your computer via USB cable and click the "Transfer" button. 


Step 2. Android WhatsApp Data Backup

2.1. Now you have to backup Android WhatsApp data. So, go to your Android WhatsApp "Settings", click "Chats", and then click "Chat backup". Under the section "Back up to Google Drive", select "Only when I tap Back up". Afterward, press the "BACK UP" green button. 

create backup on android

2.2. The backup will start, so wait till it's completed. Once done, click "Continue" from the iCareFone program. The program will start gathering data from your Android phone.

getting whatsapp data from android

Step 3. Verify the Android WhatsApp Account

3.1. Verify your Android phone WhatsApp account. 

3.2. Once your phone receives the 6-digit code, enter it under the "WhatsApp verification code" section and click the "Verify" button. 

3.3 After successful verification, the program will start generating data that can be restored. 

getting whatsapp data from the source device

Step 4. Data Restoration Process

4.1. Before initiating the data restoration process to your iPhone, make sure you have installed WhatsApp in it and logged in. And then click the "Logged in" button.

log in whatsapp on iphone

4.2. The program will ask you to turn off "Find My iPhone". Follow the instructions given on the screen. 

4.3. The program will start restoring WhatsApp data to your iPhone. It might take few minutes to complete depending on your data size. 

Transfer WhatsApp Messages from Android to iOS Successfully with icarefone tool

In this way, you have successfully transferred WhatsApp from Android to iPhone with all the messages and attachments. You can also look at the below video guide to further clear your doubts. 


The above 4 steps show how iCareFone makes the whole WhatsApp transfer process a simple click-based approach. Following are some of the key benefits of iCareFone you should know about:

1. Easy to Use

iCareFone brings simplicity and convenience in transferring WhatsApp from Android to iPhone. The graphical user interface makes anyone easily use the tool and complete the transfer process with simple clicks. iCareFone users have found the tool to be simple and never felt any bothering situation during the whole process.

2. Save Time

Other than being easy to use, iCareFone is highly efficient and time-saving. It supports WhatsApp and WhatsApp Business transfer, including all the messages and attachments such as images, videos, audios, etc. No matter the data volume of WhatsApp, all the chat history is efficiently transferred without leaving any data behind. 

3. Powerful Features and An All-in-one Tool

iCareFone is a feature-rich tool that does not confine itself to Android to iPhone transfer, but also supports iPhone to Android, iPhone to iPhone, and Android to Android WhatsApp transfers. In addition, it also provides a one-click WhatsApp backup to your PC/Mac, a complete WhatsApp restoration solution, and a WhatsApp export/view feature. In a nutshell, it is an all-in-one comprehensive WhatsApp manager tool.

Final Words

WhatsApp is the leading chatting app in the world, but unfortunately, it fails to provide a built-in solution to migrate WhatsApp from Android to iPhone. Therefore, this guide highlights two possible ways to transfer WhatsApp from Android to iPhone. The email chat approach is effective if you are just planning to save some chats for future reference and do not want them integrated into iPhone WhatsApp. On the other hand, if you intend to see all chats in iPhone WhatsApp as it is as you see in Android WhatsApp, then iCareFone is the recommended choice for you.

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