Ducci Electrical Sets Sights on Innovation, Being Destination for Top Talent

Ducci Electrical Sets Sights on Innovation, Being Destination for Top Talent
Photo : Ducci Electrical Sets Sights on Innovation, Being Destination for Top Talent

Established in 1949, Ducci Electrical Contractors is a third-generation family-owned and operated electrical construction company. Originally built from the ground up by E. John Ducci after returning home from World War II, the Ducci Electric Company would begin operating out of a small basement in Torrington, CT. Generations later, Ducci Electrical Contractors is one of the largest electrical contractors in its market and has set its sights on future innovation in part by crafting a desirable workplace where the best talent in the industry can thrive.

The Origins of Ducci Electrical

Growing from humble beginnings in the basement of E. John Ducci's home, Ducci Electrical has become an industry leader in the electrical contracting field, demonstrating an at once diverse and highly specialized portfolio of work, ranging from high-end healthcare and data centers to railroad electrification and signalization, highway illumination and communication, power plants, historic renovations, and more. Flexible and focused on excellence in its work product and creating a cohesive workplace environment that offers room for growth, Ducci Electrical has grown in large part thanks to the careful hands of its founding family and their genuine appreciation and care for their employees.

Ducci is certainly doing something right-as the company is consistently ranked among the Top-75 Electrical Contractors in the United States annually and tackles some of the largest and most complex building and transportation infrastructure projects in their market, which is comprised of all of Connecticut as well as a portion of upstate New York and western Massachusetts.

While the company started with small service-based work and an appliance storefront, the Flood of 1955 and the high demand for trade work for the rebuilding that followed became a springboard for the company. The company progressively grew as a regional contractor in the decades that followed, and it experienced a significant boom in growth over the past 25 years, not just by expanding its geographic territory, but by casting a wider net into new and more niche and specialty work, as well.  The company has firmly established itself as a flexible and capable presence in its market, earning its reputation as able to learn and adapt to new and challenging work while staffing even the largest projects with qualified tradespeople, supervisors, and robust administrative support.

Throughout all of this, Ducci has recognized that a key component to its success has been to attract and retain the best people.

Core Values Build Better Businesses

Ducci Electrical Contractors would not be the company it is today without careful guidance from the top on down. According to company President Richard J. Ducci, "You don't succeed for 70 plus years in a relatively small geographical area by having anything other than an excellent reputation. Safety, Integrity, Quality - all while being the low bidder - is what it takes."

Similarly, Executive Vice President John Ducci notes, "We believe that the best talent wants to work for a company where they will not only be rewarded for their contributions and have ample opportunities and challenges for growth, but also for a company that they can have the confidence will keep securing the best and most challenging projects, in order to provide for a stable future. Our collective success hinges on our ability to attract and retain the best people. That means giving them reasons to want to be here and stay here, and I believe we do that in ways that very few other companies do.  While of course we are far from perfect, and we are always working on that, I think we have much to show for those efforts."

Ducci notes, "We are far smaller than some of the larger international corporations we work for and alongside," but that the company has been and will continue to remain family-owned and operated, and largely credits the combination of their capabilities and the flexibility inherent to private ownership as reasons why the company has been able to remain agile in its decision-making and strategies for continued success.

Even as Ducci Electrical Contractors continues to grow into one of the largest regional electrical contractors in its area, the business isn't losing sight of how it got there, noting "We know we have to continually earn our reputation, not fall back on it."

Looking to the Future With Ducci Electrical

While the team at Ducci Electrical Contractors understands the risky nature of work in the electrical industry, their optimism for the future hasn't dimmed at all. Despite this risky environment, Ducci Electrical has enjoyed continued and steady growth for many decades ongoing. Already consistently ranking within the ENR Top-75 list of Electrical Contractors in the Nation, Ducci Electrical is well-positioned for the future and looks to further expand its impressive portfolio containing billions of dollars of work installed.

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