Trivia Board Game Boom Again Is Helping Boomers Relive Memories of Their Youth

Trivia Board Game Boom Again Is Helping Boomers Relive Memories of Their Youth
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Cellphones and social media have made us more connected to each other than ever. And while these are wonderful additions to our daily lives, this technology can also make us complacent. It's easy to push back seeing someone in person when you are already texting them every other day. And that's why playing board games can be such a wonderful hobby to have - it gives everyone an extra incentive to get together and have some fun face to face. And if you and your friends are part of the boomer generation, you now have the perfect board game to play together.

Boom Again is a trivia board game packed with questions related to the 50s, 60s, and 70s. The game is designed to jog your memory and induce jolts of nostalgia among its players -- it's a trivia game for people who have lived the answers.

There are over 2.200 trivia questions packed into Boom Again, and they are split into 4 different categories. They are:

  • Things We HEARD - This includes questions related to songs, jingles, famous speeches, lyrics, and more.
  • Things We SAW - Questions related to famous TV shows, movies, commercials, magazines, sporting events, and more.
  • Things We Learned in SCHOOL - Questions about school life and the things that used to be taught, such as the "3 RS", after-school clubs, dances, schoolyard games, and more.
  • In the NEWS - Questions related to politics, sports, world events, and even Sunday comics.

There is also a fifth category, called "SHOUT", which is a wildcard category. Instead of having questions with singular answers, the SHOUT category has prompts with multiple possible questions. One example would be "Jobs that baby boomers did to earn money".

How the game is played

Boom Again can be played with anywhere between 2 and 10 players. The game starts by laying out the game's board and tokens and splitting the players into two teams. There are five game tokens in general, one for each category of trivia question - including SHOUT - and the first team to win three of those tokens wins the match. Teams get closer to winning one of the tokens by giving correct answers to questions in that category.

This is a simplified version of the rules, but it also isn't too far from reality. Boom Again was designed to be as accessible as possible, and as a result, all of the game's rules can be written down on a single page. If someone arrives late to your next board game party, it will only take them five minutes to figure out the game and jump in on the fun.

The design team

Released in 2020, Boom Again is one of the latest creations from veteran game designer Brian Hersch. As the game's website explains: "Brian Hersch is actually a pretty famous game guy. He invented Taboo, and Outburst, and Malarkey, and Super Scattergories, and over 40 other games that have been published. His games have sold over 50 million copies - so fair to say he knows how to craft a fun game."

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