From Cable Cords to Wireless Streaming - Here Is How Technology Is Shaping the Video Entertainment Industry

From Cable Cords to Wireless Streaming - Here Is How Technology Is Shaping the Video Entertainment  Industry
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It wasn't too long ago that people of an entire block used to gather around one TV that they had, to watch one channel that was available in black and white! Sounds too old? It isn't! If there's anything that has taken a giant leap forward towards the future, it's the technology in the entertainment industry.

From having enormous-sized TV sets to carrying something as small as a firestick to stream whatever you like, wherever you like, this advancement of entertainment accessibility to one and all has been quite impressive. Apart from the regular satellite network TV channels, OTT platforms have been quite a hit in the past 5-7 years. 

The reason for this great success of platforms like Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime Video, and Hulu is its easy accessibility. No matter what part of the work you're from, if a particular movie interest you, you can watch it within a click. Although most of these OTT platforms have an active Geo-restricted content policy, there are always loopholes around these things. 

VPN is just as much in demand as OTT platforms, if not more. Why? It safeguards you from cybercrime and does so by masking your IP Address to access these streaming platforms in the restricted regions! A VPN also lets you access US Netflix or even Amazon Prime US in Australia, UK, Canada or anywhere else. 

What's The Face of The Entertainment Industry Today?

Seeing this sudden shift of paradigm from cable TV to the online platform might be the most precise depiction of how quickly technology is. The reason satellite TV is now becoming a thing of the past is that it is not as accessible, affordable, or even customized as OTT platforms. 

Being connected to the internet opens a world of possibilities for the user. Within just a few taps here and there, they can start streaming whatever they are in the mood and that's something that can't be expected from cable TV. 

Apart from the obvious fact that you can't keep a cable TV in your pocket and stream whenever you like, these OTT platforms have also made the experience of streaming a lot more customized to each person's liking and that's undoubtedly a huge hit. From being able to create your profiles to adding handpicked movies to your watchlist so you don't miss them, OTT platforms are not giving any chance to the satellite TV technology to catch up

Voice Command: The Next Step into The Future?

Imagine getting something done by typing the instructions, now imagine getting the same thing done simply by saying it out loud. Liked the second scenario better? We all do! 

If getting whatever you want to watch just by writing it wasn't enough, you can now just start streaming right about anything simply by the sound of your voice! Voice command integration in the OTT platforms is a great feature that gives the user a sense of control and personalization. 

However, this is a cutthroat world, and OTT services are not free of competitors either. It is suspected that as this voice search feature gains popularity, online streaming platforms will have to compete not just in the quality and extent of the content offered but also in the type of voice integration present. 

Online Streaming Vs Satellite TV

While the old cable TV sets certainly have their charm, they're undeniably outdated. Gone are the days when people had bulky sets with endless wires poking in and out of them. In this day and age, people are equipped with the finest quality content at their fingertips. 

Wireless streaming has been a blessing for anybody who's always on the go. If you're a traveler and don't want to miss out on your preferred shows, it might be time for you to switch to wireless services like Paid and unpaid streaming platforms. 

With advancements like AR ( Augmented Reality), VR (Virtual Reality), and AI (Artificial Intelligence), we are right in the eye of this technological hurricane, waiting to see what is next to come!

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