Python Web Development | A Complete Guide

Python has become one of the most popular programming languages in the past few years. Due to the rise of machine learning, artificial intelligence, data science and other web application development, python has become the most used programming language and surpasses Java.

Python is also used in web application development. It provides multiple frameworks for web development. In this blog here we describe how python is used in web development.

Python in Web Development:

Web development is basically creation and maintenance of new websites with different programming languages. There's two ends of any website, frontend which mainly deals with the designing of the website, and backend is the interaction with the database.

Python is an easy to learn programming language for first time learners. It is easier and requires less coding than Java or C++. It is also the most easily understandable coding language and has more similarity to our everyday languages.

It has a wide range of libraries and packages. With these types of libraries, anyone can access pre-written codes. Apart from that, there are also web development frameworks like Django, flask. You can use iteration more quickly using python. It continuously updates the library functions making the language more usable.

Web Frameworks of Python:

A web framework is basically the collective packages and modules which are made up by pre-written codes, supporting the web development applications.  These frameworks make development more easy and reliable.

If you are interested in Python Web Development, then you must know that Python web frameworks are used only in server side technology, typically in the backend to access the database and web security. Let's see some popular Python web frameworks.

Django: Django is a python Web framework that offers open source high level framework. It is very easy to use and also very fast and secure. It has a strong community support and large documentation which helps further. Companies like Instagram, Dropbox, Pinterest etc use Django libraries.

Flask: It is considered as a microframework. Though it has a lot fewer features and functionality than Django, it is still widely used. It requires written code, which is not being automatically provided and also gives flexibility and control to build any application. It is used by companies like Netflix, LinkedIn & Uber.

Pyramid: It is an open source, general web framework, which helps to develop any web application. It requires similar effort like Flask to install and run. It supports all types of projects and can be used in microframeworks.

Web2py: It is another open source web application framework. It allows the development of dynamic web content using coding. It is a full stack framework which possesses a http request, response and cookies. Many of the web applications are built using this library.

Python libraries for web development:

Some of the most used python libraries are mentioned here as follows. Scrapy is a great library that is used for scraping, automatic testing, data mining etc. Libraries like Zappa, Requests etc are also mostly used. And for data visualization, a library function named Dash is used.

To use Python language for web development, anyone needs to  start the development from the basics. Any website development starts the coding from html and css. To use functional coding in web development, javascript is used. This is used for the front-end development. Python is used in the backend and to maintain the database Django is used. 

In the above section the entire Python Web Development has been described here. The important frameworks and libraries are also mentioned here. This will be helpful for any new learner to gain knowledge about Python and web development.

Python Web Development | A Complete Guide
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