How FOSOO APEX ELECTRIC TOOTHBRUSH whiten your teeth with its unique features

Have you ever had yellowish color in your teeth? Do you feel what makes teeth fall and decolorization? Well, it's the common problem most people have. It's because of improper care of your teeth. If you're still worried about this problem of toothache or being ashamed of rotten smell coming from your mouth while laughing, you're no longer exposed to this problem. FOSOO  company provides different oral products to counter that situation

FOSOO APEX electric toothbrush is available in the market that makes you able to smile you always dreamed about. This brush works automatically, you need not put effort to move forward, backward or in a circular shape. This product is specially designed to ease the effort you've been making earlier. You get to shine as it operates very high speed and cleansing process done in no time.

How FOSOO APEX ELECTRIC TOOTHBRUSH whiten your teeth with its unique features
(Photo : How FOSOO APEX ELECTRIC TOOTHBRUSH whiten your teeth with its unique features)

Without any further delay, let's jump into the details of Apex electric toothbrush.


  • Color

Color is the feature that attracts you when you're going to purchase something for yourself or get stuck between different colors. Many people prefer the white color, turn to the pink color as it doesn't get dirty, unlike the white color. Keeping in mind the customer's needs FOSOO is set to provide apex toothbrushes in various colors. You can use between white, pink, blue as all of these have their own metallic luster with unique styles.

  • Material

The quality of this product preserves due to the material that has been used in it in order to provide high durability that keeps this electric brush long-lasting. An alloy of metal is used, in which Zinc meets the quality standards to keep this piece up-grading with shine.

  • Parts

When it comes to its parts, there are two main components the head and the rest of the body. The brush acts as a protector. The head consists of bristles and more chances of damages are there and the head part keeps safe the bristles.

Let's discuss the parts individually:

a.      The head. Usually, it consists of two important sub-parts that are bristles and the scraper. The bristles are meant to shine your teeth and make them disease-free. While the scraper keeps your tongue clean restricting any germs attack over there.

b.      The body. The body is divided into two steps. The upper part controls the operating process and make the complications simpler for you and making the brushing process easier for you. Additionally, the upper part has a holder to hold the brush along with the motor with which the brush operates automatically.  The lower part has a switch to on and off the machine and the charging the machine.

  • Battery life

The unique thing about the Apex electric brush is the battery life that is quite promising and ideal for a common user. 2500mAh battery of Li-ion that can be recharged and the timing is 180 days straightforward. Is it not interesting to keep using this brush for six months once you're done with full charging. No matter where you can keep it to yourself and can keep your teeth healthy and disease-free with the regular cleaning process.

How FOSOO APEX ELECTRIC TOOTHBRUSH whiten your teeth with its unique features
(Photo : How FOSOO APEX ELECTRIC TOOTHBRUSH whiten your teeth with its unique features)
  • 42000 vibrations per minute

A motor has been installed within the brush that is able to make 42,000 motions per minute. The brushing process is so fast that it can save you sufficient time that you surf with hand-brushing. This is where the APEX electric toothbrush comes in handy providing the best user experience.

  • Low noise

The noise is very low when you clean your teeth. The sound of the machine inside the electric brush irritates the users, so keeping in mind the pain point of the customer, the FOSOO Company introduced the APEX electric brush where the motor makes very little noise. I.e. 50db. Noise pollution keeps you irritated and causes headaches but APEX electric brush does otherwise.

  • Brushing modes

Apex electric brush is not designed to only clean your teeth but polishes whiten your teeth and saves your gums from exposure to any diseases. You can say that it's all in one packed with high value to give the best user experience.

  • Easy to grip and comfortable to hold

It's designed in such a way that you can hold the brush comfortably. There's any difficulty to get the full grip until you end up cleaning your teeth. The handle is made up of zinc metal that gives it durability. Are you tired of holding the brush to clean your teeth day in and day out? The apex electric brush serves the purpose well.

  • Water-proof

Do you know you can use this brush while taking shower? Yes, you heard it right because it's waterproof.

How FOSOO APEX ELECTRIC TOOTHBRUSH whiten your teeth with its unique features
(Photo : How FOSOO APEX ELECTRIC TOOTHBRUSH whiten your teeth with its unique features)

The metal covers the surface of the brush preventing from the water going inside the motor that operates the brushing. Without getting worried, you can use it everywhere you want. Is this sound amazing? Of course it is.

  • Wireless charger

APEX gives you a charging plate even you have to charge it after 6 months yet it provides you the super-easy wireless charging.  You can get benefitted from it without worrying about the process to keep your brush charging from the wire charging plate.

  • Travel friendly

Are you a businessman or travels a lot from one place to another? Then APEX electric toothbrush is specially designed to meet your needs. You can carry it while traveling and it's very light in weight. No matter where you go, it's no problem to keep your teeth clean when you APEX in your bag.

FOSOO Oral products provide you the best experience in your cleaning process. All the products are backed by researches and this is how FOSOO products contributing a lot in humanity's service by introducing the simple yet effective method for teeth-care. FOSOO provides the plate form where you can ask your questions related to the products and get their answers at all the social media platforms including FB, IG.

For queries you can go to the official Facebook page and get your queries resolved within no time.

IG official page is also there to address the customer's questions.  On the to all, you can approach at the official email address at

FOSOO has the mission to "Changing the world one smile at a time". 

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