ClearObject Customer Support Driven by Empathy

ClearObject Customer Support Driven by Empathy
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During the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, ClearObject, the Indianapolis-based digital technology firm, made a dramatic shift from sales to solving.

The shift required a new mindset for the growth-focused company. A new ClearObject support team, emphasizing solutions and meeting customer needs, has helped drive new success for the company.

ClearObject is a digital transformation company. It is a leader in developing Internet of Things solutions for its customers, using data to build new products and services. Its IoT engineering and analytics solutions help create global embedded software development environments for customers. In addition, ClearObject designs and delivers unique data analytics digital products to help customers understand the value of their data.

As was the case for companies across industries, 2020 was a disruptive force, causing upheaval and uncertainty for millions. ClearObject had ambitious growth plans for its data analytics business. While the company was finding success, the double strike of the global pandemic and economic uncertainty was going to limit its ability to reach new customers using the standard business models and tactics.

The company chose a new approach that was bold and outside the box in order to establish new relationships with new customers. It is this approach, to using solutions as the emphasis, not sales, that has driven their newfound success.

The company established a single Customer Success Team. That meant retraining and retooling its existing business development and sales staff to take on a new approach to engagement. It also meant empowering customer advocates to gain a fuller and deeper understanding of its customers in order to provide the best possible support. The new focus meant listening and learning to fully understand each customer, each business challenge, and each potential solution.

Instead of traditional sales calls and product pitches, ClearObject support used different strategies. A series of customer workshops, proof-of-concept engagements, and virtual collaboration helped the company accelerate its capabilities. Customers were able to be more successful, and with ClearObject's support, could generate more customer value.

Extending the Approach

ClearObject never operated under a fully traditional transactional sales environment. To fully leverage the transformational new technologies such as data analytics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning, ClearObject focused on a deeper understanding of its customers. The new ClearObject customer success model deepens the commitment to clients by gaining a fuller understanding of their businesses, challenges, constraints, and needs.

At its core, ClearObject support is about a collaborative partnership approach. Customers bring their domain knowledge of their markets, customers, and competitors, while ClearObject brings its unique blend of agile development, structured design thinking, and tangible value generation.

Empathy is at the heart of the ClearObject support approach. Their staff put themselves in the position of their customers. Understanding their needs and pressures makes the ClearObject Customer Success Team better able to solve critical business challenges.

Gone are traditional sales reviews or account strategy meetings that all too often focus on KPIs and other internal metrics that create and perpetuate a near-term mindset and look at only the immediacy of revenues and trends. Instead, ClearObject looks at customer metrics such as satisfaction and engagement, return on investment, and solution adoption. This approach ensures that the focus is on developing high-value, long-term strategic relationships with customers.

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