4 Netflix TV Series you need to Watch right now

4 Netflix TV Series You Need to Watch Right Now
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New Netflix series are popping up on our screens every day. So It's hard to keep track of every tv-series that Netflix uploads. And especially which ones to genuinely watch. There are so many Netflix shows, that for Netflix junkies like us, it's hard to keep up. That's why we've come up with a list with 5 must watch series in different genres. So you can go ahead and turn your TV on at the side of your swimming spa (Dutch: zwemspa) or jacuzzi for 8 people (Dutch: jacuzzi 8 personen). So get bubbly and enjoy the next 4 Netflix series.

1. Squid Game

With season one just released a while ago, this series has everybody talking. Do you remember the childhood games you used to play in the schoolyard? Well, it's basically that, but then for your life. It's completely insane and mindblowing. The Korean originated series is about a group of people who are in need of money. They are taken by a secret organization who has them play the games. If one of the players loses at one game, he/she dies. The series really makes you care and feel a connection with every player. So when one of them loses, you're heartbroken.

2. Sex Education

Sex Education ​is your British teen comedy-drama. With the three seasons being incredibly popular, it's a mystery if you have missed this. So what is it about? It's about Otis, who's a non-popular kid in a regular high school. His mother is a sex therapist, and with that knowledge, he and the popular wild girl (Maeve) start a sexual advice clinic at school. Otis happens to have a big crush on Maeve, which results on a pretty fun and heartwarming journey along the way. But don't be fooled, there are many heartbreaking scenes during this fun teen comedy.

3. Bridgerton

Bridgerton follows the rich Daphne Bridgerton through her first society debut in the 1800s in Londen. However, there is this Gossip Girl kind of vibe to it. With everything that is going on during the series. There is a Lady Whistledown, an anonymous column in which some unknown person  shares all the secrets and gossip of the ladies during their debut. Along the way, scenes get steamy and intense. 100% worth a watch if you're into Gossip Girl and Pride and Prejudice.

4. Lupin

Lupin tells the story of Assane Diop. Assane Diop was the son a Senegalese immigrant who worked for a wealthy businessman. He was accused of stealing a diamond necklace from this family. This led him to jail, in which he alledgely commited suicide. Which resulted in Assane being orphaned at a very young age. 25 years later, he finds out that his fathers was falsely accused and he's determined to put things right. That's when he jumped into the role of Lupin, a book character who is an intelligent, educated burglar who committed crimes to right other crimes.

Does one of these Netflix series appeal to you? Let us know!

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