Smart Ways To Improve Digital Communication In The Workplace

Smart Ways To Improve Digital Communication In The Workplace
Photo : Smart Ways To Improve Digital Communication In The Workplace

The average employee spends 209 minutes every day checking their work email, and 143 minutes checking their personal email, Inc reports. In total, that's almost 6 hours per day. Although email can be a useful digital communication tool, it can also waste time and decrease productivity. By improving digital communication with the latest technology and software, businesses can enhance communication, productivity, and overall success.

Take advantage of multiple communications channels

By providing employees with multiple communications channels, you can help ensure everyone has one they're most comfortable using. For example, some employees may prefer asking questions on a messaging app, while others may prefer using the phone. Digital, mobile-enabled communication is also vital as it gives employees a way to communicate instantly with other team members. However, it's also important to neglect in-person communication. In fact, in-person requests are almost 35 times more likely to be accomplished than email, a study in the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology found. This is because in-person communication involves key visual social cues that indicate urgency, whereas emails and other text communication can easily go unseen or forgotten. For remote workers, video chat can be an effective substitute for face-to-face communication.  

Analytics solutions 

By measuring the success of your internal communications strategies, you'll be able to pinpoint what's working and where improvements need to be made. Fortunately, effective analytics solutions can help here. For example, for businesses who use Yammer, Yammer analytics software like Tyrane can measure your ROI on this platform and, ultimately, enhance internal communication. Yammer analytics solutions lets you track the engagement rate across the company and identify teams who still need onboarding. You can also provide access to designated community managers, which allows them to measure the success of their own Yammer communities. Analytics solutions also lets you identify the most active groups across the platform, so you can further mimic their best practices across the network. By additionally identifying the network's most influential users, you can also see how they positively influence various topics and communities.

Use chatbots 

AI-powered chatbots can significantly improve internal business communications. They can be programmed to provide company information and answer employee questions correctly, which in turn saves time and creates a smoother communication experience without the need for manual intervention. Moreover, chatbots are no longer just text-based; they also use innovative voice-based systems. For example, Amazon's Alexa for Business allows employees to easily ask Alexa questions and instantly receive audible responses. Ideally, you should program your chatbots with the same messaging style and tone used by your company across other communications channels. This way, you can maintain brand consistency and create a more friendly and personalized experience for employees, which doesn't feel so much as if they're talking with a robot.

Strong internal business communication is key to business success. By implementing multiple communications channels, analytics solutions, and AI-powered chatbots, businesses can enhance internal communication and productivity among employees.

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