Electromagnetic (EM) Engine- A Reliable Source of Renewable Energy

Electromagnetic (EM) Engine- A Reliable Source of Renewable Energy
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Going with renewable energy sources for domestic or commercial electricity is a good idea to keep the environment sustainable and lower energy costs as well. The advantages of renewable & clean energy are significant that both domestic and commercial users can reap. The Wolven Industries Electromagnetic (EM) Engine could be a reliable source of energy to reduce carbon footprint. 

What is renewable energy?

The power that is generated from natural sources available on the planet like sun, wind, or water is known as renewable energy. These natural resources are naturally refilled and are infinite. Since the process of generating renewable energy produces no or hardly any greenhouse gases, it is also referred to as clean or green energy. Moving away from traditional methods of energy like coal and oil is a significant step in making the environment clean and healthy. 

Wolven Industries Electromagnetic (EM) Engine 

The Wolven industries  Electromagnetic engine or EM engine is an electricity generator that converts the propulsive force of homogenously charged magnets into electricity. According to the engineers, the EM engine would be a better source of renewable energy as it leaves no carbon footprint or hard gases to keep the air clean and healthy, we breathe in. 

What Energy Problems EM Engine Addresses?

Since solar and nuclear energy are the two popular methods of energy around the globe, they have several downsides that can cause environmental pollution and other concerns during the process. 

Below we will discuss the two key problems for each:

Solar Energy:

  • No doubt the sun is a powerful energy source but solar panels are not suitable in several areas of the world due to the environmental conditions

  • Disposal of expired solar panels can cause a threat to the environment.

Nuclear Energy:

  • Solar energy required rare human talent and expertise to manage the process effectively and the risk of meltdown is always there 

  • The extent of potential danger upon the society and environment is immeasurable as well

This is where the Electromagnetic engine comes into play and addresses the problems related to both energy methods effectively. EM engine designed by the engineers of the Wolven industries would be a great source of clean energy without posing any threat of meltdown or requiring rare human talent. However, the breakage of the inner disk through the enclosure due to the strong magnetic propulsion can cause a huge threat. This as a result can cause injuries or damages to nearby humans or properties. Hence, this could be a minor threat and nowhere the same level of damage caused by a nuclear meltdown. 

Important Note by the Wolven industries scientists

According to a statement of scientists on the Wolven Industries development team, they expect the MK-1 version of the Electromagnetic engine somewhere imperfect. This is the reason; they have developed the EM engine MK-2 under the 'MK' system to bring improvements in their project. This will help them design a totally awesome, advanced, and economical source of clean energy within the framework of the thermodynamics laws.


Both residential and commercial consumers can dramatically reduce the carbon footprint either by purchasing or directly generating electricity from renewable and clean energy sources. Electromagnetic (EM) engine designed by the Wolven industries would be a great source of clean energy to keep the environment clean and healthy while fulfilling the needs of electricity.

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