The Unbelievable Benefits Of WordPress as a Web Platform

The Unbelievable Benefits Of WordPress as a Web Platform
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Twelve web platforms are more popular among game developers. These are WordPress, Javascript, HTML, PHP, and DotNet. However, WordPress is arguably the most popular of all. According to the latest statistics, this web platform cum content management system cum website builder powers about 41.4% of websites on the internet. 

So, what makes WordPress so popular that other similar platforms like Javascript, which by the way powers Im A Puzzle, are no match for it? Oh, and as a side note, Im-A-Puzzle is an exciting puzzle game that lets you play unlimited free online jigsaw puzzles. This free and mobile-friendly game allows you to create and share a photo puzzle out of any picture or video without registration. What's more, it works on any browser with no additional installations nor extensions required. I guess that's enough about the game, so let's go back to the main topic. 

1. Adaptable and Flexible 

Frankly speaking, I've never seen a web platform as adaptable and flexible for our changing needs as WordPress. Though the platform was originally developed to support blogging and other related stuff, it has evolved into one a highly dynamic web platform, thanks to its flexibility and adaptability. It now powers more than 55 million websites! Don't forget that a good number of those websites offer video games. 

WordPress's high adaptability and flexibility levels has seen the website builder function as a platform for an exciting puzzle game known as "WHA Puzzle." It entails players creating a mosaic, using fragments of the pattern of various shapes. Just as Solitaired, the game is fairly popular, thanks to its ability to cause players to develop imagination, attention, logical thinking, and memory. 

As if that were not enough, many large multinational corporations, small scale businesses, and individuals today rely on WordPress to run their complex sites or personal blogs. This all-inclusive website builder hosts many eCommerce stores, social networks, gaming websites, personal blogs, and so much more. 

Whatever your requirements as a game developer, WordPress plus a range of its related themes and plugins(both basic and premium) will suit them. This software is endlessly flexible and adaptable to anyone's changing needs.

2. User-Friendly Functionalities

It doesn't matter whether you are a beginner or an expert, WordPress is fairly easy to use. An average developer will set up a gaming platform and get it up and running on the website builder in minutes. You only need a domain name and a web hosting plan. The best part is that most hosting providers provide WordPress for free. All you've got to do is to download the files, install and launch the website builder on your device with a few clicks. WP is known for an easy-to-manage, intuitive, and feature-packed Admin dashboard. It contains everything you need to develop a website where people can access your game or any other digital product or service you offer. 

3. Themes and Plugins Offer Multiple Options

As said earlier, WordPress offers lots of amazing themes and plugins that expand the content management system's functionalities. With these add-ons, users have a myriad of choices when it comes to customizing and making their websites suitable for their needs. For instance, if you are in the video game niche, the website builder offers an incredible variety of basic and premium gaming themes or plugins you can use on your website. Furthermore, you can preview these add-ons live and install your favorite ones at any time. Plus, these themes and plugins are frequently updated to continue serving users better. Each time your theme or plugin is improved, WordPress will send you a notification so that you can take action to update it and make your website even better. 

Did you know that WordPress has more than 54, 000 plugins? At least, now you know!

4. WordPress Sites Generally Rank High

One of the most important reasons why many developers choose WordPress is that websites built on this platform generally rank high. That means high traffic, which translates to more money for website owners. By availing your game on WordPress as opposed to any other web platform, your chances of success become higher. After all, making money online is all about establishing high rankings. 

5. WordPress Sites Are Mobile Responsive

If you read my previous blog post on "The Top 4 Fundamental SEO Strategies To Establish A Successful Card Game On WordPress"(please hyperlink the article) you know the significance of having video games mobile-friendly.

The beauty of WordPress is that most of its themes and plugins will automatically ensure that your content(whether it be a game or anything else) is mobile responsive. It saves you the effort of having to do that manually or by yourself. 

6. WordPress Sites Have a Built-In Blog

Something else that sets WordPress apart from its alternatives is the inbuilt blog functionality. That means you don't have to build a blog for your website from scratch as is the case with alternative web platforms. As you already know, a blog can be a great way to promote your product online. It complements your link building strategy leading to increased traffic.

7. Incredible Support Community

Despite offering so much value, WordPress remains a free and open source software. After all, they say the best things in life are free. Because of this, the web platform has attracted a huge community of developers who love and are passionate about the content management system. These individuals volunteer to keep the system secure, updated and more effective for users. 

Final Thoughts

While there are so many web platforms, WordPress enjoys a bigger market share because of the incredible benefits it offers developers. For example, this leading web platform provides high levels of flexibility and adaptability, user-friendly functionalities, and widely-capable themes alongside plugins. As if that were not enough, WP results in websites that rank high and are mobile-friendly. Finally, it offers a built-in blog and an amazing support community that voluntarily works constantly to keep the platform useful. Taking these unbelievable benefits into account, I would without hesitation choose WordPress, if I were looking for a web platform on which to develop a website for a game.

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