Virtual Number Advantages and Ways of IP-Provider Choosing

Virtual Number Advantages and Ways of IP-Provider Choosing
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Virtual numbers (VN) are becoming more and more popular among various companies. They bring the communication to another level and get international standing. These solutions are especially useful when working with foreign clients or partners. 

What are virtual number advantages?

Here are the main ones.

  • A VN connection allows you to receive incoming calls without being tied to a specific location. In this case, all calls that will come to such a number are automatically redirected to a landline or mobile phone, computer or iPhone. 

  • This number is convenient to use for SMS-mailing during promotions, etc. Indeed, in addition to receiving messages, the company also makes it possible to send SMS from the site via the Internet.

  • Toll-free numbers are an effective tool for attracting new customers and keeping them interested in the company's products. The peculiarity of such a number is that all calls are paid not by the calling party but by the called party. The toll-free number can be effectively used for delivery services, service centers, and sociological surveys or marketing campaigns.

  • If you have a reliable internet connection, you should experience voice quality that is equal, if not better, than a traditional telephone connection.

  • Traditional phone services have additional features that are usually expensive. VoIP comes with a wide variety of advanced features such as call forwarding, call waiting, voicemail, etc. There's a possibility to send data such as documents and photos during a call. The benefits of VoIP are also the following: you, your employees, and your customers can make video calls, have an opportunity to exchange data files, and much more. This allows integrated and flexible conferences convening in which employees from different offices around the world can easily participate.

  • The number indicated on your website increases the credibility of the business/store. Such a website will have a more solid appearance than one with no phone number at all or just a mobile one.

  • Routing is selected based on the specifics of commercial activities: time, day of the week, number, or digital prefix of the incoming caller. When all the operators are busy, then the incoming call can be forwarded to voicemail or IVR. In this case, none of the calls will be left unprocessed.

  • You can use email, another number, or URL to forward SMS messages. Some companies offer a special service: receiving SMS to a VN. You can send messages to it in the usual way.

  • A permanent connection to the network is the key condition for the successful implementation of the VN service. You can use laptops, PCs, tablets, smartphones, or special equipment for the SIP-telephony as devices for work.

  • The virtual phone number can be used both for personal purposes and business but at the same time, it works via cloud technologies.

  • Calls are much cheaper than landline or mobile telephony. Saving on long-distance and international calls will significantly reduce the current costs of telephone bills.

  • The solution makes it easy to communicate more conveniently with the target audience and creates a sense that subscribers are in the same country.

A virtual fax number connection will allow you to receive faxes along with calls. Fax messages that are sent to the number are forwarded to email. This number will never be busy, it is not tied to a fax machine, and you do not need to use paper and toner to receive faxes. These advantages distinguish VNs and expand functionality.

How to choose a decent service?

There are a lot of highly-developed companies that are regarded as reliable providers with a set of eagerly sought services. It's essential to make the right choice. You need to pay attention to the following moments when choosing:

  • The activity of the company. Read more about it and check out the proficiency. It's recommended to focus on the company's reputation and look carefully at the terms of cooperation.

  • Range of services. Think in advance what exactly you want to get from the VN. Make sure that the service can offer everything you need.

  • Customer reviews. It is better to look at reviews on third-party resources to find out exactly the real comments of users. Pay attention to both positive and negative reviews and make an unbiased impression.

  • Differences compared to competitors. Find several suitable services and compare their dissimilarity to choose the best option for your business.

A VN is a convenient, reliable, and inexpensive way of communication that can help you activate the development and expansion of your business with comfort both for you and for your customers. Choosing a website and a company today, you will start using high-quality IP telephony tomorrow. Facilitate your daily communication at work!

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