6 Top Emulator to Play PUBG Mobile on PC

6 Top Emulator to Play PUBG Mobile on PC
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PUBG or Player Unknown's Battlegrounds is one of the most trendy Multiplayer Online Battle Arena. Here, unknown players fight in the battle royal mode. The players can play as a group or as solo members. PUBG is available on Google Play for Android platforms. This game was listed as the best selling game this year. 

It is widely popular all over the world. And good news for players as now they can play PUBG on PC. Now you will get the advantage of pubg download pc. The mobile version of this game is highly rated as it gives similar features to the PUBG PC version. Here, the controls are set into a small screen. Some people may face difficulty playing the PC version. Therefore, they can use an emulator while playing PUBG on a PC. In this post, we will discuss the six best emulators for PUBG Mobile on PC. 


It is a well-known emulator for Android with a lot of users. Players will get easy access imitating an Android tablet's interface with this emulator. It comes with both free and paid versions. However, you may get irritated by the interruption of ads in the free version. But BlueStacks lets you play this game seamlessly on PC. This emulator also enables the integration of various gamepad features. The best part is that this emulator has the most compatibility with applications and games. 

Tencent Gaming Buddy

This emulator is compatible with Windows PCs. This emulator was created to free the players from touchscreen-related problems on PUBG mobile gaming. Tencent Buddy lets the players play this game on PC with fully optimized features. Surely you will get an advanced gaming experience. Here, you will get various layouts, and you can choose according to your preference. Here you can easily switch from keyboard control to mouse control. Tencent Gaming Buddy offers high-quality gameplay framerate with excellent graphics. 

Nox Player 6 

It is another one of the best emulators for PUBG. This emulator is designed to play Android games, and it helps to convert your PC into a secondary Android device. Nox Player is capable of handling high FPS games without any glitch. Besides, this emulator is highly customizable and lets you play PUBG seamlessly on PC. This emulator also simultaneously supports the gamepad, keypad, recording, script, and other valuable functions. It enables you to install games outside the Play Store as well. Therefore this emulator is highly recommended for PUBG PC. 

Memu Play

The best thing about this emulator is that it is straightforward to set up and comes with many specifications. Without even a graphics card, you can use this emulator. In this emulator, you can play PUBG with a reasonable frame rate. Besides PUBG, you can play other Android games with this emulator. You need to do key mapping and adequately understand the controls. Then you can play any Android game seamlessly. This emulator works excellently, and you can set it on your PC and notebook. 

Remix OS Player

This emulator is optimized explicitly for PC gaming. Here you can map the keyboard buttons and control the game comfortably. The improved software of this emulator ensures a more advanced gaming experience. However, Remix OS Player doesn't support AMD chipset. It needs Virtualisation Technology enabled in the BIOS. The interface is very user friendly. Here, you will get a lot of customization options that will let you make the most out of this emulator. Here, you will get almost everything to enjoy your favorite Android games on a PC. The best part, this emulator lets you play multiple games simultaneously. 


It is also one of the best emulators that recreates the Android OS and lets you enjoy it on Windows. Along with PUBG, it enables you to play several games simultaneously. This emulator also supports various high-end mobile games that you can play on a computer. Also, it provides many built-in tools for the players' convenience. With this emulator, you will get the advantage of custom control, APK support, keymapping, and many more. 


So, now you have the list of the best six emulators. With these emulators, you will get an excellent experience of PUBG gaming on a PC. However, some emulators come with limitations, and they are not compatible with specific games and apps. To avoid any technical issues, make sure to update your Windows computer. 

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