How Determination and Perseverance Guided Amann Memon

How Determination and Perseverance Guided Amann Memon
Photo : Riyalin Matic

Tiktok has had a significant impact on the corporate world and allows individuals to build their own personal brands. During his confinement, Amann Memon was able to build a following on the platform, while all of his buddies switched to video games, according to him. Amann recognised a chance for personal development and wanted to take advantage of it to see where his own brand could go. Amann has 300,000 followers on the app after only being on it for over a year and gives snippets of ideas on how to get into the life Amann now lives.

Amann Memon has proved what it takes to succeed in the business world, from working at Pizza Hut to now predicting a six-figure income this year. Amann discovered the world of clothing lines after numerous attempts to start a personal business online and chose to enter this era of business. Amann finally felt like he was in a place where he could grow as a business and as a person after making $8,000 on his first launch. Amann attributes his success to his Pizza Hut managers, who didn't believe in him when he left the company. Amann recognises that in order to thrive, he must make sacrifices, and he continues to break down barriers in the industry with his new online business model.

Amann is active on all social media platforms, where he offers tips on how to start building your own personal brand.

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