What To Do To Overcome Addictions

What To Do To Overcome Addictions
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Our world is full of temptations. But many of them, in addition to pleasure, can cause addiction and radically change a person's life. The most dangerous are alcohol and drugs.

Addiction treatment is carried out in a private drug treatment center "MedicoMente". They are convinced that only an individual approach, complete diagnostics of the body, psychotherapy, constant monitoring of the state of health can guarantee a successful recovery.

The patient in the clinic is accompanied by psychologists, psychiatrists and psychotherapists with experience in clinics in Europe. They are interested in and implement leading scientific research. Use emotionally imaginative and person-centered therapy and relaxation techniques. They successfully block breakdowns and help to adapt to a sober life.

The first consultation with a narcologist-psychotherapist is free of charge. On it, the specialist determines the causes and preliminary consequences of the use of drugs or alcohol.

Acute and critical conditions of "withdrawal" require the immediate intervention of doctors. Such patients are placed in a specialized intensive care unit. It is equipped with licensed equipment. Patients are quickly and painlessly removed from severe conditions. Eliminate the consequences of prolonged use of alcohol, narcotic or psychotropic substances, drug overdose.

All patients of the narcological center undergo high-quality diagnostics. It shows the detailed state of physical and mental health, the degree of addiction, comorbidities and pathologies. At this stage, doctors are determined with the complexity of the course and the length of the patient's stay in the center.

Victims of alcohol or drug addiction undergo medical, psychotherapeutic and apparatus treatment. Doctors use unique techniques - hypnotherapy, ibogaine therapy, implants. The clinic staff monitors the condition of patients, provides everything necessary for a quick recovery.

Physiotherapy, massage, hardware methods of blood and lymph purification - plasmapheresis, laser and ultraviolet blood irradiation, lymphatic drainage help to get rid of addiction. The procedures for restoring the nervous system - neurometabolic therapy, electro-neuro-cranio stimulation and modulation - have proven their effectiveness.

Patients live in comfortable 1-3-bed wards, VIP and luxury rooms. They are provided with adequate nutrition and round-the-clock medical supervision. There is a comfortable sitting area, Wi-Fi and TV, a gym.

After inpatient treatment, an equally important stage of addiction treatment begins - outpatient observation. The specialists of the clinic "MedicoMente" help to return to normal life, prevent risks and problems that may arise in the modern environment.

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