The Future is Here - Gil Rabbi's 'No-Code'

The Future is Here - Gil Rabbi’s ‘No-Code’
Photo : Gil Rabbi

Governed by the mantra that anyone can build an app (and website), no-code platforms promise to shift product development away from graphic design and coding skills in favor of a simple drag-and-drop interface. All you need is a platform, some data, and business logic, and you're on your way to building a modern application or site.

Engagement products are a new breed of no-code platforms that focus on enabling marketers to build platforms for customers and prospects-or "customer engagement" if you will.

Engagement products are designed to help marketers solve problems like these:

  • I need a way to engage our customers at scale with personalized, targeted content on an ongoing basis; or 

  • How can I develop apps that improve the way employees collaborate, communicate and share information; or

  • Our product marketing team is understaffed-how can we easily create content for outbound marketing to drive awareness about our products without adding headcount?

Many engagement products stress integration with existing tools, such as marketing automation platforms; this lets you drop engagement-related tasks into the workflow of people already using these systems. What's more, because engagement products are designed to work together via open APIs, they can plug into an organization's ecosystem of internal systems and external partners.

Introducing Storycards 

You'll be able to take your consumers on a trip through the world of custom engagement products with Storycards. This Israeli-based start-up uses innovative technology, like gamification and interactive content creation tools that will increase time spent by users online in order for them to become more engaged followers or buyers.

Storycards is a platform that allows users to create engaging content without any technical knowledge or coding skills. The success of Gil Rabbi's established platforms, such as WIX and Webflow in website development lead him on this new journey - Storycards. According to the inventor himself; it'll make your engagement seem more personal than ever before because these commonly include trivia games, quizzes, questionnaires forms etc. He says, "As the largest brands compete for user attention, the most valuable currency is eyeballs, not real estate, and so the ultimate differentiator is how well a website engages its users. With Storycards the brands can create a custom engagement product with freedom design."

No matter what you want to design, Storycards can help. You'll have complete creative freedom with no limits and all of our expertly designed templates at your fingertips.

With cutting-edge responsive design, you can enjoy a smooth experience while viewing your cards with drag-and-drop functionality. Plus it's super easy to make changes. 

Immersive experiences are more than just functional. They create an emotional connection with your customers that lasts as long as they want to stay engaged.

Unlike other marketing strategies, this one's tailored solely for you, call it content personalisation or targeted advertising - but the point is that your message will only be seen by those interested in what fits their preferences. The result? Smarter targeting which means higher ROI, as well as less wasted spend because each cent goes where its most people rather than platforms.

Storycards is a new way to create personalized content for your users. With an easy-to use interface and multiple flow features, you can experiment with different story ideas until something interesting emerges.

Who's Behind Storycards

Storycards was created by Gil Rabbi, an Israeli expert in digital goods, who has been developing technology to improve user engagement for the past decade. He specializes in keeping people on his website or app longer. And there's only one method to do this - by making sure what they're offering provides value and interest; while also allowing website proprietors, through their Storycards' tracking platform, know who visited their platform.

Rabbi is a Tel Aviv-based entrepreneur with an illustrious military past and has used these talents to develop cutting-edge technologies. His most famous project was the creation of a technology that engaged and improved the speed at which new soldiers enlist in the Israeli army (and is now utilized by all branches). He would next establish the "Rabbi Interactive Technology Agency."

During the last decade, Rabbi has created platforms that have engaged over 5 million people each month. His work includes popular TV shows such as Eurovision and Rising Star, in which millions of people participate simultaneously.

Incredible achievements, but is Gill Rabbi's Storycards done? He answers, "Our vision is to enable anyone to use our knowledge automatically through the platform we have created without having to use the services we have provided to our customers around the world over the past decade."

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