Ways to Make Your Company Network Secure

Ways to Make Your Company Network Secure
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One of the biggest challenges both for new and experienced companies is security. Even though to think this area doesn't require much attention for some companies is not true. Because even the slightest insecure gap in your company's network may cause a loss of everything you've worked on for so long in just a few moments. 

So, what security measures to take to protect your company's network? Let's have a look at 9 pieces of advice that might be helpful for you:

Use a firewall. That is the first step to protect your enterprise against attackers, malicious software, and excessive network traffic. It is necessary to have it enabled as a firewall scans incoming connections and locks the ones that seem suspicious. In other words, it functions as a network guard who decides which data segments may go through and which shall not pass. Different firewalls secure your network at different levels according to company needs.

Update antivirus software regularly. As the computer comes with a firewall installed, both individuals and companies often think that's all - the work is done. They don't care to upgrade these systems, which opens the way for malware. As attackers and malicious software constantly evolve, so must the antivirus software. That's what upgrades are for - they help fend off dangerous attacks. In the meantime, without updating your antivirus program, you can't be sure that your company's network is secure.

Use strong passwords. When creating a password, make sure that it includes numbers, symbols, uppercase, and lowercase letters and is long enough. It is recommended not to use any personal information or anything related to your company. The best password is the one that is not difficult for you to remember but is quite a demanding task to remember for others. Another significant thing is that you should never use the same password for two or more accounts. After discovering one password, it "unlocks" your other company's accounts.

Update your passwords every quarter. Constantly updating passwords is just as important as taking care of their strength. While resetting passwords isn't a fun task, it's a must-have if you want your company's network to be secure. For those who ask how often their passwords have to be updated, the answer is - at least every quarter. But the more often you can do it, the better. Each company should determine the exact time interval for password renewal individually.

Use a virtual private network (VPN). Enterprise VPN can be a real salvation. It works as a secure tunnel between your company's information and employees. As the tunnel is encrypted, you do not need to worry about the unwanted access of others to it or visibility into the network. However, to enjoy all the advantages it gives, you must choose a reliable VPN provider that would not collect the information about your company and have a sufficient number of servers in different countries all over the world.

Shut down your computer after the day. While this may sound like a funny tip, turn off your computer at the end of a working day. You work 8 hours and leave the computer unattended for the remaining 16 hours, which is a long time during which you will not notice potential network breaches and won't prevent cyber-attacks. So, in this case, the best way to manage the situation and not miss any important things happening in the network is to make sure your computer is off when your work is finished.

Train the employees. It is also essential to train your employees. If compliance with all security requirements is not aligned with all employees throughout the company, it doesn't make much sense. Cyber-attackers are more likely to bypass your enterprise if the company follows a unified system and procedures. To show the employees the importance of company network security, organize regular training and remind them of security rules.

Hire a professional IT worker. Lastly, make sure you have professional help as soon as you need it. You will not solve serious problems yourself, so hire a skilled IT worker who will help you maintain a high level of security in your company's network and solve related issues. The person you choose for this job must be trustworthy. After all, hiring this person means giving them the keys to the safe where accumulated experience, money, and other resources are placed.

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